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Coyote Watches, Rio Grande Gorge, Pilar, NM. 02-15-2023

Greetings from snow-bound San Cristobal. This week a coyote watches me from the sagebrush along the Rio Grande in Pilar, NM. A flashback to a photo tour/workshop five years ago.

This week I’m recovering from surgery on my left foot! Had I realized the lack of mobility I’m experiencing, I would have prepared a post last week. So, when I threw a virtual (numerical) dart at the archives this image came up. It’s one of my favorites so I’m putting it out here. I posted a close-up version five years ago, but I like how this more expansive view represents the whole encounter.

Coyote watches, Orilla Verde, NM
A coyote watches, Orilla Verde.

I hope you’ll forgive the single image post this week.

… and as always, thank you for looking. G

27 thoughts on “Coyote Watches, Rio Grande Gorge, Pilar, NM. 02-15-2023”

  1. Please do you doctor says and I am sending healing vibes your way. I hope you heal soon and are able to be out gallivanting around looking for photos..

    Carol Chapman

  2. Hello Geraint, I really love the choice to include the expanse of landscape, the textures and colors are just gorgeous. The gaze of the coyote feels entirely self possessed, such a strong, clear presence. Beautiful piece, captures so much.
    Sending healing juju your way, G

  3. I’ve been pretty much horizontal with my foot elevated after surgery to repair things. It’s finally feeling better. I should be able to put weight on it after the coming weekend and walk without crutches.
    It’s quite a process!
    Still a ways to go, six more weeks., but getting there.
    Thank you everyone for checking in. It means a lot. Stay well.


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