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Coyote Watches, Rio Pueblo, Orilla Verde, NM

Coyote Watches, at the Rio Pueblo, in the Orilla Verde RA, NM. Today we were down on the banks of the Rio Pueblo, amongst the red willows, photographing fast flowing water. I was very surprised to look up at one point and discover we were being watched by this gorgeous coyote. It stayed where it was, not moving, during the photo session only varying its gaze to the left and right. We surmised that it had a den very near, possibly with young pups. It kept watching until we left. We felt very privileged to be party to this moment in nature, watching… as coyote watches us . Thanks for looking. G


Coyote Watches, Rio Pueblo, Orilla Verde, NM

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  1. You captured not only the rich colors of the background but the expression of deep thought radiating from the coyote. What are the thoughts? I keep returning to look again. It felt safe enough with you to let emotion be it’s words. Stunning!


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