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Fajada Butte, Chaco Canyon, Other Doors. 03-06-2024

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM. This week Fajada Butte. This iconic mesa is the focal point of Chaco Culture National Historical Park, typically abbreviated to Chaco Canyon.

Fajada Butte can be seen from many locations in the park. Have you been?

I’m returning after a few years of absence, and I’m looking forward to it later this month. It will be a treat after four years since my last trip. I’ll be camping but well prepared. Once, I spent a few days in Chaco Canyon on the winter solstice. Now that was cold. The largest great house is known as Pueblo Bonito. There’s a lot to see there and it can occupy your time, especially as a photographer.

Fajada Butte Chaco Canyon
Fajada Butte, Chaco Canyon, NM.
Sunset on the mesas in Chaco Canyon
Sunset in Chaco Canyon.

If you’d like to see some interior shots, keep scrolling.

Repeating doorways, Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Repeating doorways, Pueblo Bonito.
Room with a view of moon in Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Room with a view of the moon.
Doorways in Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Doorways in Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon.

Below is one of my favorite shots of Pueblo Bonito taken on my last trip there. Confusion?

Building geometry in Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Building Geometry accented by the shadows and light.

If you go there at a time of year when the heat is almost unbearable, step inside one of the small rooms. You will soon realize what works to stay cool in the desert. Pause for a few moments, you may find a few ancient ones hanging around with you. You may or may not be joined by other travelers.

Moving on to more doors. I stopped in Los Cerrillos NM, on the Turquoise Trail last week. I stopped in other locations as well but was impressed with the following two doors/gates in Cerrillos.

You may recognize the town from a movie named “Young Guns” that was filmed there. On this day I was there purely for the pleasure of the place on my detour drive.

Blue door and red chilies, Cerrillos, NM
Blue door and red chilies, Los Cerrillos, NM.
Milagro door/gate Cerrillos, NM
Milagro door/gate Los Cerrillos, NM.

Join me on a photo tour/workshop, I’ll take you to this and many other locations.

Lastly, a little closer to home, another blue door with painted red chiles and snow falling. These chiles stay fresh all year long and beyond.

Blue door and painted chiles, Costilla
Blue door and painted red chiles, Costilla, NM

As always, thanks for looking. Have a great week. G

Blue Door, Tucumcari Street, NM

Blue Door, Tucumcari Street, New Mexico. Sense of space is often the attraction, scale another, combined I got this walking around early one morning. Thanks for looking. G

Blue Door, Tucumcari Street, New Mexico.

Las Vegas Collection, Doors

Las Vegas, New Mexico, a collection, doors and windows. What a great five days of photo trekking in New Mexico and Colorado. If you would like to join me on a photo tour/workshop or create a custom one on one multi day workshop for yourself, give me a call. Thanks for looking. G

Las Vegas Collection, Doors

Bailing Wire Door Latch

Bailing wire door latch, a simple “security” system just off the High Road to Taos. It speaks so much to the wishes of the owner as a warning to keep out. Works for me, I wouldn’t untwist it. Thanks for looking. G

Bailing wire door latch

Door, Cut Nails, Steel Hardware

Door, cut nails, steel hardware. I don’t remember where this was but I’m thinking Estaca, New Mexico, a little village on the Rio Grande. I was attracted, at first, by the look of authenticity when I saw the cut nails and latch. On closer inspection I spotted that the latch was more modern, a nicely fashioned piece at that. I think the little rusting handle is currently available at any hardware store. The upside down keyhole plate looks solid. All in all I like the shot. The latch will tarnish considerable after a few more years. The wood will continue weather and everything will disintegrate beautiful into the realm of some era of authenticity. Thanks for looking. G

Door, Cut Nails, Steel Hardware

“Saguache Crescent” Newspaper Offices

“Saguache Crescent” Newspaper Offices. Saguache, Colorado. On the road in Colorado for a three day photography workshop this week, I never know what we’ll find. This place was a great find! Loads of character and plenty of history, and a who’s who of those who’ve walked through this door and featured February 23, 2014 0n CBS News Sunday Morning. Thanks for looking. G


The Old Mill Door Patina

Patina on the old mill door. I made this image a number of years ago. I find great pleasure in spending some quality time, with a good beer or a nice glass of whiskey, browsing the hard drives, revisiting images I passed over on first viewing. Sometimes I throw a virtual dart in the form of a four digit suffix (the original image number from the camera), in this case “1191” to see what reveals itself. Yesterday this old door attracted my attention, so here it is. This door belongs to the old mill in La Cueva, New Mexico.


The Geometry Of Chaco Canyon

Getting close to some form of solstice alignment in Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Windows, doorways and roofless walls. Thanks for looking. G