Door, Cut Nails, Steel Hardware

Door, cut nails, steel hardware. I don’t remember where this was but I’m thinking Estaca, New Mexico, a little village on the Rio Grande. I was attracted, at first, by the look of authenticity when I saw the cut nails and latch. On closer inspection I spotted that the latch was more modern, a nicely fashioned piece at that. I think the little rusting handle is currently available at any hardware store. The upside down keyhole plate looks solid. All in all I like the shot. The latch will tarnish considerable after a few more years. The wood will continue weather and everything will disintegrate beautiful into the realm of some era of authenticity. Thanks for looking. G

Door, Cut Nails, Steel Hardware

2 thoughts on “Door, Cut Nails, Steel Hardware

  1. G, you may already know of it but Artesano’s off Cerrillos Rd in SF has all kinds of cool Mexican latches and hardware. Scott

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