Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Taos Mountain Meadows, Storm Clouds


Taos Mountain meadows, storm clouds clearing, and summer greening up. These meadows have been added to the list of other conservation easements in Taos County. They are now protected from future development. As a photographer, I welcome as much open space as possible, that affords us views like this. Thanks for looking. G

Taos Mountain meadow, storm clouds clearing

Taos Mountain, Early Evening Light In The Meadow


Taos Mountain, early evening light in the meadow. The cattle grazing in the long grass (wishing they were bison). The light and clouds ever changing on the unchanging presence of the mountain, made me pull over this evening on the drive home. In a brief moment later the clouds thinned, the cattle raised their heads and the light drew me on home. Thanks for looking. G

Taos Mountain, Early Evening Light In The Meadow

Chile Ristras Ladders, El Prado, NM


Chile ristras and ladders, El Prado. Coming soon to everywhere in New Mexico. I hope you get out here to see them hanging from vigas and portals, accented against adobe walls. Quintessential New Mexico, for all the senses. Thanks for looking. G

Chile Ristras and ladders, El Prado

Where I grew up chile was the country and chili is what one eats. I’ve since learned my lesson. But not until I did.

Santa Teresita De Jesus Chapel, El prado, NM


Santa Teresita de Jesus Chapel, El prado, NM. Driving by a few weeks ago, I just had to pull over and snap this image. Here’s another image I made in the winter of 1989 that I posted it on my website on a winter’s day in March 2007 and funnily enough it looked like this today when the clouds lifted off the mountain. Bright white snow covered peaks. Thanks for looking. G

Santa Teresita de Jesus Chapel, El prado, NM

Cottonwood Shadows, Taos Mountain


Cottonwood shadows, Taos Mountain, from El Prado, NM. Another stop on the way home from the grocery store in Taos. These fields, whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, isolate and enhance our beautiful Taos Mountain. Taking time out to watch the shadows lengthen and reach out towards the mountains, draw me closer to the source of energy we sense in the valley. Thanks for looking. G

Shadows With Taos Mountain