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GMC Truck Cab Shadows

GMC truck cab shadows, in El Prado New Mexico. Over the years, these trucks have provided loads of photo ops for many photographers and there’s always a new angle if one looks for it. Sadly their demise has been advanced by the proliferation of bombardments of rocks. Still… it will make for plenty more photo ops. The hornets are guaranteed a home for many years more. Thanks for looking. G

GMC truck cab shadows

Chevy Truck With Personality

Chevy truck with personality. The out of place hood and broken window add a certain element to the personality of this inanimate object. I get the feeling someone, somewhere knew this truck intimately, don’t you think? Thanks for looking. G

Chevy Truck With Personality

An Evening Pastoral Scene in The Meadows

An evening pastoral scene in the meadows, (El Prado) on the north side of Taos. I can always be persuaded by the quiet nature of this pastoral scene, to pull over, get out of the car, breathe in the air, soak up the atmosphere, and make an image of what I felt, not always what I see. Thanks for looking. G

An Evening Pastoral Scene in The Meadows

As The Storm Recedes The Mountain Shines

As the storm recedes Taos mountain shines over the whole valley. Thanks for looking.

As The Storm Recedes The Mountain Shines

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Hood Ornament Dodge Truck

Hood ornament on a Dodge “Job Rated” Truck. We love these old trucks and cars left in fields, abandoned on verges or in roadside hedgerows, parked in front yards and on occasion in found in arroyos and ravines. Now homes to varmints and hornets, they still romanticize a fascination with a bygone era. Thanks for looking. G

Hood Ornament Dodge Truck

Winter Light On Taos Mountain

Winter light on Taos Mountain from El Prado just north of Taos, NM. A favorite spot to watch the clouds cast shadows across the mountain; an unobstructed view of Taos Mountain (Pueblo Peak), sacred mountain of the Taos Pueblo people; the willows and the cottonwoods. Taos…  the “red willow people.” Clouds pass, the sun sets and rises, time passes, the people and the mountain endure. Thanks for looking. G

Winter Light On Taos Mountain

New Years Eve Moon Rise

New years eve ladder and moon rise El Prado (the meadows), Taos, New Mexico. We followed the moon rise this evening, from the Rio Grande Gorge, north towards Tres Piedras and east and south into El Prado where the moon was rising near this favorite location of the ladder that points to the sky. A very happy new year… and as always… thank you for looking. G

New Years eve ladder and moon rise

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Ladder To The Sky, El Prado, NM

Ladder to the sky. In the snow day yesterday we had a lot of fun driving here and there looking for photo ops. This ladder rises over a Mexico import shop in El Prado north of Taos.  The sky had this slight pinkish warmth to it and the ladder reached for the light.  Thanks for looking. G

Ladder To The Sky

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Dodge Truck, El Prado

Dodge truck parked, with no plans of travel this holiday weekend or any future weekends for that matter. That’s great ’cause it’s a fun location, subject and photo op. Had a great photo tour today at the St. Francis church, El Prado for these trucks, the cascading creeks and waterfalls in the Taos Ski Valley, ending at the high bridge and the Rio Grande Gorge. Happy 4th of July. Thanks for looking. G


Sunset Light On Taos Mountain

Sunset light on Taos Mountain. The mountain draws me in and shows me all it’s glory. All I got to do is be present. Thank you for looking. G