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The Light, Both Ways

The drive home yesterday with a quick stop for this moment. Looking West, looking East and as always thank you for looking. G

Three Peaks, Tres Orejas
Storm breaking over Tres Orejas (Three Peaks).

A line of light
A line of light in the shadow of Taos Mountain

Light on El Salto, Taos NM
Light breaking and some snow on El Salto, Taos NM

El Salto, El Prado, Winter Light

El Salto rocks, El Prado, bathed in winter light. Pull over on the shoulder. Find a vantage point through the trees, wait for the cattle to separate with a little space between them so they resemble cattle and not clumps of coal. There you have it. Another beautiful vista on the drive home. Thanks for looking. G

El Salto Rocks, El Prado, Winter Light

An Evening Pastoral Scene in The Meadows

An evening pastoral scene in the meadows, (El Prado) on the north side of Taos. I can always be persuaded by the quiet nature of this pastoral scene, to pull over, get out of the car, breathe in the air, soak up the atmosphere, and make an image of what I felt, not always what I see. Thanks for looking. G

An Evening Pastoral Scene in The Meadows

Strawberry Moon Rising

Full “Strawberry Moon” rising over El Salto Peak in the Sangre de Cristos, Taos New Mexico. It got very quiet this evening, a kind of eerie silence as the moon peaked over the ridge. No dog, bird, or coyote sounds, as if the whole neighborhood stood still and paid attention. G

Strawberry Moon rising

El Salto Rains, Sangre de Cristos

El Salto Rains. I have often seen the rain falling on El Salto and Lucero Peaks when it looks like this. The peaks give scale to the columns of rain as they march steadily on in some perceptible purpose through the rock formations to the high Sangre de Cristos beyond. Thanks for looking. G

El Salto Rains rain falling on the sangre de cristo mountains

Clearing Storm, El Salto Rocks, Taos, NM

Clearing Storm, El Salto Rocks, Taos, NM

A two day storm left snow on the peaks around Taos County. The clouds lifted momentarily, to reveal the light on the rocks of El Salto peak.

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