Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

The drive home yesterday with a quick stop for this moment. Looking West, looking East and as always thank you for looking. G

Three Peaks, Tres Orejas
Storm breaking over Tres Orejas (Three Peaks).

A line of light
A line of light in the shadow of Taos Mountain

Light on El Salto, Taos NM
Light breaking and some snow on El Salto, Taos NM

8 thoughts on “The Light, Both Ways”

  1. Light changing perspective….
    Probably all from the same point….
    In a NY MINUTE…gorgeous & thanks….
    Hope you & Pammy are well- John

  2. So excellent. First one Tres Piedras?

    And, boring I know… STILL trying to get the window of time to come down, thru.

  3. These images are fantastic, thank you. I especially appreciate the ‘Storm breaking over Tres Orejas’.


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