Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, Moreno Valley, New Mexico


Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway in the Moreno Valley, northern New Mexico. Often times I photograph just for the record. I began my photo of the day blog, in September 2005, partly to draw traffic to my website, but mostly as a visual journal. If I want to know where I was, or what the weather was like on a particular day in say, 2011 I’ll check out my journal and you can too! Just pick a date and visit my blog or visit previous archive. In the years to come, I’ll look back on this date to see where I was and what was happening, or in this case, what was blooming along the roadside in  the Moreno Valley in mid June 2020. It goes without saying, that we’ll all remember what our joint, overall experience was in Spring and Summer 2020. I’ll enjoy recalling these tiny little ornamental cactus flowers on an excursion today around the Enchanted Circle with my love. Thanks for looking. G

Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, in the Moreno Valley,

Autumn Pond, Sangre De Cristos, NM


Autumn Pond in the Sangre De Cristo mountains of New Mexico. On a photo tour today with friend and fellow photographer Mark Collins, we travelled the Enchanted Circle and beyond. What a spectacular drive and scenery with amazing light. Tomorrow we do it all over again in the Valle Vidal. Thanks for looking. G

Autumn Pond in the Sangre De Cristos

Bobcat Pass Lone Tree


Bobcat Pass lone tree and sky. A favorite scene in northern New Mexico. This is a location where the shifting clouds form a fabulous backdrop to the tree, or when the summer moon rises directly behind it to the east. I like to stop here whenever I’m on the Enchanted Circle drive through the Moreno Valley and over Bobcat Pass. Keep looking up and thanks for looking. G

Bobcat Pass Lone Tree

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Moreno Valley Corral And Clouds


Moreno Valley corral and clouds northern New Mexico. We stopped at this delightful, dilapidated corral on the Enchanted Circle drive today in the Moreno Valley. We watched the shadows of clouds and the clouds over the mountain moving swiftly across the landscape. It was a good day to stop at a location where patience truly proved to be a virtue. Thanks for looking. G

Moreno Valley Corral And Clouds

Canada Geese, Eagle Nest, New Mexico


Canada Geese, on the banks of a catchment pond, Eagle Nest, New Mexico. We took a drive today around the Enchanted Circle, at times, in blizzard conditions. Following lunch and a pint in Angel Fire, on the drive home, this pair of geese popped up on the embankment of a catchment pond. They have a propensity for popping up. Fun day! Thanks for looking. G

Canada Geese, Eagle Nest, New Mexico