Roadside Lunch, Red-Tailed Hawk

Roadside lunch, Red-tailed Hawk in the Ranchos de Taos valley today. We whipped past this magnificent raptor catching a glimpse of it out of the car window. We wheeled around and pulled over to watch. Thinking it would take off, I got a couple of images in camera then realigned the car for a better angle. It had no thoughts of leaving the carcass. It just kept on tearing bits of flesh from the bones, leaving me with a number of images. As the hawk feasted on it’s lunch we sat in awe feasting on this sight. Thanks for looking. G

Roadside lunch, Red-tailed Hawk in the Ranchos valley.

Navajo Elder, Annie, Arizona, 2011

Navajo Elder, Annie, Arizona, 2011. Back in May 2011, I visited a Navajo elder named Annie. I worked with a writer on a story, telling of the plight of the Navajos elders living on their land within the Hopi reservation. That’s another story for another time. In this instance, Annie told the story of the freezing cold night she spent with her horse in the creek when it got lodged in the mud embankment. She and her horse were pulled to safety the next morning by neighbors. At the time Annie was already 100 years old. This picture was taken a year later. Annie illustrated her ordeal by drawing on the sand in the horse and sheep corral. I added a photo below. When I visited, Annie and her horse (it’s name eludes me now), were both doing well. Thanks for looking. G

Navajo Elder, Annie, Arizona, 2011.

Navajo Elder, Annie, Arizona, 2011.

Lake District Painting By My Mom

Please indulge me while I pay tribute to my lovely Mom who passed suddenly today. This is her painting in the English Lake District from a little book she and my Dad put together some years ago, with her paintings and his poems.
“A gentle breeze sends a shiver of delight across the waters of the lake and the hills around rejoice.”

Thanks for looking. G

English Lake District

And a picture of my mom the last time we visited on a trip to Castlerigg stone circle in the English Lakes. My Mom, my rock!

Castlerigg stone circle in the English Lake

Conjunction, Venus, Jupiter, Valle Caldera

Conjunction, Venus and Jupiter, (not the closest conjunction this week), southwest over the Valle Caldera in the Jemez Mountains. It’s a beautiful sight across the plateau. This evening, Jupiter has descended below Venus, and is cruising to the horizon and million of miles beyond. The scale of things are mind blowing, yet simple. It doesn’t take much to impress me. In the middle of the pasture, clear skies overhead, standing in awe of things, I wonder… I wonder that there can be anything greater than this. Thanks for looking. G

Conjunction, Venus and Jupiter

Waning Crescent Moon Rising

Waning (4%) crescent moon rising over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains bright and early this morning. I was surprised to see it as there were those clouds. While I was setting up the the tripod in the driveway, the clouds moved aside revealing this sliver of the moon. It disappeared back into the clouds for another ten minutes, emerging above the linear clouds. Thanks for looking. G

Waning Crescent Moon Rising

Waning Crescent moon rising San Cristobal, NM

You can just make out a little “earthshine” on the moons surface.

Venus, Jupiter, Jemez Mountains

Venus, Jupiter, Jemez Mountains, and the Valle Caldera. Pulled over here this evening to watch the light fade with Venus and Jupiter setting in our trademarked blue, New Mexico sky. Look southwest tomorrow at dusk for another glimpse of this pair before Jupiter drops out of view as it gets closer to the setting sun. Also keep an eye out for a gorgeous young crescent moon. Thanks for looking. G

Venus, Jupiter, Jemez Mountains