Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Field Geometry On The Plateau

Field geometry on the plateau in southern Colorado. I love it when I discover something that was one thing, in this case a gate, which now takes on another form. The beauty of it, there is a life’s worth of new work out there waiting to be found. Thanks for looking. G

Field geometry on the plateau

Rural Dreamcatcher, Northern New Mexico

Rural dreamcatcher on a farm fence in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Well at least it reminded me of a dreamcatcher. Someone’s whim, to bundle baling twine, knot them on a fence post, encircle it with a wire hoop, leave for some to stumble across and wonder! Thanks for looking. G

Rural Dreamcatcher, Northern New Mexico

Winter Notes On A Fence

Winter notes on a fence. I’m walking along, looking at nature all around me. It’s the first snow of winter; the forecast says there is more on the way this weekend. It’s not surprising to me that I’m preoccupied with the beauty of it all. As the land rises alongside the trail, the fence line comes into view, the imposition of us humans on the natural environment. It is charming and beautiful in its own way. It reminds me that I am standing between the natural and man made elements; the two are undeniably inseparable, it comes from the same place and thrills me, and as Carl Sagan said, “we are all star stuff!” Thanks for looking. G

Winter Notes On A Fence

San Luis Valley Homestead

Abandoned homestead. Evening descends and warm hues of twilight illuminate this winter scene in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Thanks for looking. G


Mesa Road, Across Taos Pueblo Land

Mesa Road snows across Taos Pueblo land from highway 522. It snowed again yesterday, following high temps in the sixties last week. Makes it all very interesting, especially for image making.


Tree And Sky With Fence.

Tree and sky with fence. I made this image in the English Lake District on a trip there in October 2013. Every now and then I like to throw in an image I come across from past trips I’ve made whether here locally, or as in this case, further afield. Thanks for looking. G

Tree and sky, clouds and fence.

San Luis Valley Ranch, Colorado

San Luis valley ranch Colorado
Winter in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. What impressed me when I came across this scene was the skinny wedge created by the fence and distant brush pointing to the tree and the house. The abandoned adobe building on the left added balance to the scene. The simplicity of these elements set in the snow with the massive nothingness of the sky is indicative of much of the wide open space and vastness of the San Luis Valley. It is a favorite place to visit and make images. Check out the workshops I conduct in the area HERE