Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: High Desert

Arroyo Hondo, Lightning, High Desert, Green Pastures

Arroyo Hondo, lightning, in the high desert and green pastures. As Monty Python would say, “and now for something completely different!” Today we had a good downpour, although I would have liked it to have continued for a couple more hours at least. Always on the look out for a rainbow, I settled for a lightning strike instead. This is one of my favorite times of year, especially when my dry sinuses along with the landscape moisten, clear up and we both begin to breathe easier. The scent of wet sage on the air is a sensation to die for. Ask any New Mexican. Thanks for looking. G

Arroyo Hondo, lightning, in the high desert and green pastures.

Desert Heart, Ghost Ranch

Desert heart, Ghost Ranch. Having a little fun with a piece of tree. The half a heart branch was laying there, still, as it was a year or so ago. I photographed it then as well. With nothing better to do yesterday I made this composite. Thanks for looking. G

Desert Heart, at Ghost Ranch


Cedar Waxwing, Downtown Taos

Cedar Waxwing, downtown Taos, New Mexico. Foraging around the Russian Olive trees between Mickey D’s and Ace Hardware. Maybe three of them and a few Robins. This one settled on the big rock for a few shots. Then they all, including the Robins, took off! Read more about the Cedar Waxwing here. Thanks for looking. G

Cedar Waxwing, downtown Taos, New Mexico.


Three Peaks Sunset Crescent Moon

Three Peaks Sunset Crescent Moon. Tonight I drove to the turnout to watch the crescent moon set. The orange layer is the fire smoke pollution happening in the area. Above that, the sky is pretty crystal clear and the crescent moon stands out in all it’s glory along with earthshine and a planet. I’m at a loss as to which planet. Any ideas? At this time of year, with predominantly clear skies overhead, living in the high desert is a magical earthly experience. Thanks for looking. G

Three Peaks Sunset Crescent Moon

High Desert Farming, Colorado

High desert farming in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Center pivot irrigation fields dissect the space between earth and sky. They are a stark contrast between the subtle fall colors of the high desert landscape and circular fields. Thanks for looking. G