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Three Peaks Sunset Crescent Moon

Three Peaks Sunset Crescent Moon. Tonight I drove to the turnout to watch the crescent moon set. The orange layer is the fire smoke pollution happening in the area. Above that, the sky is pretty crystal clear and the crescent moon stands out in all it’s glory along with earthshine and a planet. I’m at a loss as to which planet. Any ideas? At this time of year, with predominantly clear skies overhead, living in the high desert is a magical earthly experience. Thanks for looking. G

Three Peaks Sunset Crescent Moon

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    • Definitely not a planet but constant through 30 mins of shooting in different areas of the frame depending on composition. I checked with EarthSky and Deborah and Bruce weren’t sure. Here’s how the conversation went. Thanks for checking Ian. G

      Hi Geraint, beautiful shot, thank you. I’m not sure either what the dot under the moon is … did you see it with your eye, or just in the photo?
      Bruce, any idea?

      Yes, wonderful photo! Checking out Starry Night, I see the star Omicron Sagittarii at that position. But at a magnitude of 3.75, I wouldn’t think this star would stand out nearly this much in the glare of twilight.

      I agree, Bruce, that faint star can’t be the answer. If it were, other faint stars would be visible, too.
      Geraint, I’m thinking it must be something local, if you saw it with the eye. An airplane, high up? If you didn’t see it with the eye … maybe a camera artifact?
      Thanks for showing us your photo! Very beautiful.

      And my response:
      Thank you Deborah, and Bruce for taking the time to look at this image.
      The bright spot is in every frame with the moon, in different areas of the frame depending on composition.
      It is in the same position in relation to the moon for the whole duration of the shoot from 6:12pm to 6:43pm mountain time.
      My eyesight is failing slowly so I wouldn’t be able to see it with my naked eye at all. However, I could see it through the lens in every image
      and was excited to get home to look up what it might be.
      I looked at the censor… nothing there in any other images from previous day shooting the snow geese and cranes against the sky in the Bosque del Apache
      Ah well … it’s a mystery.


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