Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Saturn, Jupiter, Trees, San Cristobal, NM


Saturn, Jupiter, through the veil of trees off the deck in San Cristobal, NM. The planets are moving closer together, at least from our perspective on this planet. In actuality, they are millions of miles apart. If you have clear skies take a look outside over the next couple of weeks as this great conjunction comes closest on December 22, 2020. Thanks for looking. G

Saturn, Jupiter, Trees, San Cristobal, NM

Saturn, Jupiter, With Three Moons, Our Moon


Saturn, Jupiter, with three of its moons, and our Moon. The first photo is a wider view of the arrangement and the second photo is a glimpse of Jupiter and three moons. I hope you can get a look at Jupiter the, brightest light in a generally southwest direction. The moons are visible with a pair of binoculars and good eyesight. Not with my eyes, I need the help of a digital camera. Thanks for looking. G

Saturn, Jupiter, with three of its moons, and our Moon. Saturn, Jupiter, with three of its moons, and our Moon.

Jupiter, Jupiter’s Moons, Our Moon


Jupiter, Jupiter’s Moons, our Moon. Last night, looking up from the deck revealed this beautiful alignment of Saturn, Jupiter and four moons with our moon waxing. Saturn was too small and farther away to include in this photo. This photo comprises one exposure for our moon and another for Jupiter and it’s moons. Thanks for looking. Keep looking up. G

Jupiter, Jupiter's Moons, our Moon.

Mars, Jupiter, Crescent Moon Conjunction


Mars, Jupiter and Crescent Moon conjunction bright and early this morning from the deck in San Cristobal. A quick look out the bedroom window at 5am. Then out to the deck for this grouping. Mars was clearly discernible and I could just make out two of Jupiter’s moons. Saturn was out there too, way east of the group. I’ve added a shot below. Thanks for looking. G

Mars, Jupiter, Crescent Moon Conjunction

Saturn Jupiter, Mars, Moon

Conjunction, Venus, Jupiter, Valle Caldera


Conjunction, Venus and Jupiter, (not the closest conjunction this week), southwest over the Valle Caldera in the Jemez Mountains. It’s a beautiful sight across the plateau. This evening, Jupiter has descended below Venus, and is cruising to the horizon and million of miles beyond. The scale of things are mind blowing, yet simple. It doesn’t take much to impress me. In the middle of the pasture, clear skies overhead, standing in awe of things, I wonder… I wonder that there can be anything greater than this. Thanks for looking. G

Conjunction, Venus and Jupiter

Venus, Jupiter, Jemez Mountains


Venus, Jupiter, Jemez Mountains, and the Valle Caldera. Pulled over here this evening to watch the light fade with Venus and Jupiter setting in our trademarked blue, New Mexico sky. Look southwest tomorrow at dusk for another glimpse of this pair before Jupiter drops out of view as it gets closer to the setting sun. Also keep an eye out for a gorgeous young crescent moon. Thanks for looking. G

Venus, Jupiter, Jemez Mountains

Milky Way From The Deck, San Cristobal


Milky Way from the deck in San Cristobal, New Mexico. We stepped outside to see the crescent moon. The stars in the Milky Way were so bright, and Jupiter was dominating the sky above the house. The ambient light in the clouds on the horizon is from Taos. The grasses and trees are lit by a quick flick of the flashlight. I’m always inspired by the night sky in northern New Mexico where we live, some times to make an image and other times to just stand in awe. Thanks for looking. G

Milky Way From The Deck, San Cristobal

Moon, Jupiter, Rising, Taos New Mexico


Moon, Jupiter, Rising, in the skies over Taos, New Mexico. Not a bad way to start the day. Up early, watching the celestial bodies traverse the sky into daylight. The Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn along with Antares the red heart of the Scorpion constellation in beautiful unison. A nice cup of tea nearby and a camera in hand, the day tends to go rather well after a start like that. Thanks for looking. G

Moon, Jupiter, Rising, Taos New Mexico