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Saint Francis Church, Saturn, Jupiter, Conjunction

Saint Francis Church, Ranchos de Taos, with Saturn, Jupiter, Conjunction. Jupiter, four moons, and Saturn, a composite image, one focused on the church belfries and the second focused on the planets. Zoom in to see the planets. I hope you got to see it out there. Thanks for looking. G


10 thoughts on “Saint Francis Church, Saturn, Jupiter, Conjunction”

  1. Thanks so much. Where we are in the Aquitaine region of France, we saw no sky yesterday, only grey clouds, so again, thank you for this photo of the Conjunction.

  2. Indeed, Saturn got “inside” the orbit of Jupiter’s fourth moon…or within Jupiter’s ring. Very clear and beautifully presented with St. Francis.

    • Saturns Moon and rings are clearly visible in the high-resolution version and all four of Jupiter’s moons shine brightly. The church capped it off. Thank you, Larry. G


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