Milky Way From The Deck, San Cristobal

Milky Way from the deck in San Cristobal, New Mexico. We stepped outside to see the crescent moon. The stars in the Milky Way were so bright, and Jupiter was dominating the sky above the house. The ambient light in the clouds on the horizon is from Taos. The grasses and trees are lit by a quick flick of the flashlight. I’m always inspired by the night sky in northern New Mexico where we live, some times to make an image and other times to just stand in awe. Thanks for looking. G

Milky Way From The Deck, San Cristobal

Perseid Meteor Shower, Milky Way

Perseid Meteor Shower, Milky Way. Well, one meteor on this particular night and we only saw five all told. I had used Mars to set the camera focus point when this resulting image occurred. The fireball at the lower end combines with Mars for an obliterating effect in its termination. The streak above to the right is caused by the flashing lights of an airplane. I had meant to post this image a few days ago after it happened. My apologies. Thanks for looking. G

Perseid Meteor Shower and Milky Way

Here’s another image from August 13, 2016.


Milk Way Over The Anthill

Over the Anthill. The Milky Way glows bright in the October sky, and if I get far enough away from the light pollution (yes we have some here in northern New Mexico), even the landscape seems to reflect the light from the stars. The grains of the anthill excavation and the stars of our galaxy rotating in unison. And as my friend Colin says in the comments “I like the juxtaposition of the smallest of creatures against the vastness of space”. Me too! Thanks for looking. G

milky way over the anthill on the gorge rim

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