Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Wild Yarrow, Adobe, Corrugation, Mora, NM

Wild yarrow, adobe wall, window, and corrugation in Mora, New Mexico. All the elements that shout out loud, “New Mexico”. If you live here you know what I mean and if you don’t, I think you get my drift. Thanks for looking. G



Fall Color, Orilla Verde, Rio Grande Gorge, NM

Fall Color along the riverbank in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area, the Rio Grande Gorge, NM. I took an early morning drive when the sun rises and illuminates the walls of the canyon along with the sky, reflected in the placid river. I liked the light on the chamiso bush and the way the reflection created the playful background. Thanks for looking. G

Fall Color, Orilla Verde, Rio grande Gorge, NM

Giant Cottonwood Leaf, Taos, Wetlands

Giant cottonwood leaf we picked up where the cottonwoods grow in the Taos, wetlands. My son pointed it out. It is as big as my head, about the span of a dinner plate. The viens are such an intricate and beautiful design magnified by the leafs size. To me, it resembles an aerial view of the landscape somewhere in the Southwest. Thanks for looking. G

Giant Cottonwood Leaf, Taos, Wetlands

Giant Cottonwood Leaf, Taos, Wetlands

Sunflower, Standing Tall, Taos Valley Wetlands

Sunflower, all it’s sunny fires out but standing tall in the Taos Valley wetlands. I particularly like sunflowers in their decay as much as I do when they herald the beginning of August lining the highways and byways of northern New Mexico. Here, in this photo, they usher in the early throes of winter while maintaining a continuous golden glow. Snow on it’s way over the next few days. Stay warm where you are and thanks for looking. G

Sunflower, Standing Tall, Taos Wetlands.

Red Squirrel, Back Garden, Boulder Colorado

Red Squirrel in the back garden, Boulder Colorado. I had the pleasure of watching this bold fellow tearing up and down, leaping between trees, foraging for whatever it was wanting. It was a mesmerizing half hour one Sunday morning looking through the long lens. Thanks for looking. G

Red Squirrel, Back Garden, Boulder Colorado.

Cactus, Pueblo Alto Trail, Chaco Canyon

Cactus on the Pueblo Alto trail in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. There is much to see in Chaco Culture Historical Park, up, down and all points in between. If I find the photo of the piece of pottery we found near this spot I’ll post. We pick it up look and marvel at it, then put it back down where we found it for others to enjoy. This cactus was perfect right where it was. Thanks for looking. G

Cactus, Pueblo Alto Trail, Chaco Canyon

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. Here in the garden this butterfly, with a five inch wingspan, visits each day, frequenting the same plants in the same order.  Nature’s fascinating, endless beauty, three yards from my front door. I hope you find some beauty around you. Thanks for looking. G

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Kaleidoscope Camera Image

Kaleidoscope camera image. Having fun, mindlessly passing the time with this app on the phone called “Kaleida Cam” and using it on everyday sightings out in nature. This is a shot of some grasses growing around a truck wheel hub. I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for looking. G

Kaleidoscope camera image.

Cross Birds, Ranchos De Taos, New Mexico

Cross Birds, Ranchos De Taos, New Mexico. Just hopping around, eating, fighting and pooping. “Humans, like all other critters, are neither inherently good or bad. Those words have no meaning in nature.”  Thanks JK and thanks for looking. G

Cross Birds, Ranchos De Taos, NM

Cattail, Monte Vista, NWR, Colorado

Cattail, Monte Vista, NWR, Colorado. A quick trip to the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge and all I get is a cattail along flooded marshes. There are, of course, thousands of cattails giving sustenance and shelter to wildlife. I chose to single out this particular specimen, a tiny slice of life along the marshes in southern Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

Cattail, Monte Vista NWR, Colorado