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Swallowtail Butterfly, Tree, Wired West, June 8, 2022

Greetings from San Cristobal, the swallowtail butterfly capital, this week. They seem to like the San Cristobal Valley.

Many thanks for checking in and asking how we are doing with covid. One of us is doing better than the other. I’m getting there. The symptoms are mostly fatigue. I’m feeling a lot better today. Onwards.

Technically known as a Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, it is the western variety of Swallowtail. They have been hanging around since the blossoms opened in May. It’s beautiful to watch their playfulness and when they land on plants, get a photograph!

Swallowtail butterfly
In the garden, San Cristobal, NM.
Tiger Swallowtail butterfly
A swallowtail butterfly was hanging on a hanging plant.

This tree, highlighted against a dark, red wall, caught my eye in the morning light in Santa Fe. I’m sure it’s all leafed out by now. I must go on another walkabout in Santa Fe soon or another urban area.

Tree with red wall Santa Fe
Tree, with a red wall, Santa Fe, NM.

Years ago, I did a series of images that amounted to a small portfolio of pictures of how the west was wired up and divided. I called it “The Wired West.”
I found the image below recently. From a distance, I thought I’d seen a tumbleweed on the fence, not altogether unusual, but it turned out to be this jumble of wire stuffed down on top of the post. I surmised it was a leftover pile of baling wire from someone repairing the fence line. I added this image to the wired west folder.

Tumble wire on a fence
Tumble-wire, Taos, New Mexico.

As always, thank you for looking, and all the comments, and compliments on my work. G

12 thoughts on “Swallowtail Butterfly, Tree, Wired West, June 8, 2022”

  1. Such a rich collection of images. Every one a winner. If I were on a walk about in Santa Fe I’d have tres leches cake at The Plaza Cafe and despair that there hasn’t been strawberry shortcake at Josie’s near the library for years. Take care, get healthy, keep walking and shooting. jim

    • The swallowtails are everywhere today, at least until the wind kicked up just now. Thank you for your well wishes, Bob. G

  2. The tree against the red wall = beautiful!! I am sure it looks good with leaves, but if you watch the weather forecast in the fall and they announce a good hoar frost, you will get another chance at a spectacular photo!
    I love your photos! The first one I remember was a frosty creek or river and a red boat on the other side! I was wondering if you could still find it in summer. A long long time ago.

    • You’ve given my my marching orders. I will look at the opportunities a little closer for the photo potential of the tree.
      Thank you for following my work all these years. I appreciate your compliments. Thank you, Helga. G


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