Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Shadows at the St. Francis Church

photographers shadows at the st francis church ranchos de taos
Waiting and watching, a photographer susses out a potential image as the shadow of the belfry cross, silently traverses the vestry wall at the St. Francis de Asis Church, Ranchos de Taos.

Plaza Blanca Slot Canyon

Plaza Blanca slot canyon abiquiu new mexico photo tour
In Plaza Blanca on a warm fall day, the narrowing slot canyon walls are alternating zones of cool, noticeably moist, air and radiating warm dry air. As one proceeds, the canyon closes in, the growing feeling of solitude embellishes the senses and grounds the body in the womb of the earth. All the while, white cliffs languishing in the sun, under an intense blue sky, draws ones gaze upward.

Red Willow, Cottonwoods

In the meadows flanking Taos Mountain and girding the Taos Pueblo, the sunsets create a fiery glow on the red willows, warming up the cold, early winter evenings.

Sunset on Taos Mountain

Sunset this evening on Taos Mountain also known as Pueblo Peak.

San Antonio de Padua, Valdez NM

Under a brooding sky at the San Antonio de Padua, church in Valdez, NM. On a photo tour around Taos and vicinity.

Fog Lifting From The Rio Grande Gorge

Fog lifting from the Rio Grande Gorge. The Rio Grande Rift, is an extraordinary feature of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, in northern New Mexico.

Three Peaks Ranch

When the full “Super Moon” was rising last week over the Sangre de Cristos, this scene was at my back. Always remembering to look behind me it felt like I’d gotten a bonus.

R.C. Gorman’s Wall

R C gorman's wall
One of the routes I take driving home each day, passes R.C. Gorman’s home, north of the town of Taos. In this image I was attracted to the linear elements and the layers.

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Taos Mountain Meadows

taos mountain fall colors

The storm left a rainbow in it’s wake across the fields to the mountain. A great location for sky watching in El Prado, NM.
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