Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Moon Rise Over The Latir Wilderness, New Mexico

Moonrise over the Latir Wilderness, New Mexico. We took a short drive north today. It was bitterly cold so we didn’t stay out too long, just long enough to make this image. The moon felt comfortably warm in this scene compared to everything else. Thanks for looking. G

moon rising over the latir wilderness new mexico

Exquisite, Quiet Moon Rise

Exquisite, quiet moon rise, out of the kitchen window in San Cristobal, New Mexico this evening. We watched long and marveled at the site in the warmth of the kitchen over a glass of pinot noir. Thanks for looking. G


Taos Mountain Winter

As the storm clears Taos Mountain is seen in all it’s winter finery.

Adobe Snow Lines

adobe and snow on the st. francis church
San Francisco de Asis, Ranchos de Taos, NM

Great Blue Heron, Bosque del Apache.

Great Blue Heron. The sun rises and spotlights the Heron already ensconced in its pre-established fishing hole. The bird remained in this position for what seemed like in perpetuity until, without any warning, it became intent on stalking its prey. Steady poise, deliberate delicate steps, and nature delivered up a sumptuous breakfast. It turned out that rat was on the menu this particular morning.

A composition in the field

brush and tree roots
Dried wildflowers seem to have busted through this old tree root, that appears a lot like a hand bearing a bouquet to a lover.

Morning In The Valley

Morning in the cold and frosty valley with the sun beginning to break through the heavy fog. It would be a while before things cleared. In the meantime we get to watch the horse stir itself and mosey along nudging clumps of snow for any fodder. 

A Winter Morning Symphony

Across the valley to the foothills the snow, backlit by the sun, swirling and blowing, rising and falling a visual morning symphony.