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A Solstice Moment, Wonderful Rain, June 22, 2022

Greetings from a rain-soaked solstice and the first day of summer in Saan Cristobal, NM

A hike in Plaza Blanca is a great place to witness a solstice moment. This image is from a photo tour in 2018. The solstice this year found me asleep in bed. The clouds covered the sun, moon, and this week’s planetary alignments yesterday morning. I slept well all the same.

Summer solstice Plaza Blanca
Summer Solstice, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, NM

There is a 12,000 feet peak in those clouds. Those two ravens know it. It’s great to know that the mountain peaks are shrouded in rain, clouds, mist, and not the choking fire smoke we experienced over the last two months. Today it has been raining for five hours straight. It feels a lot like Wales, where I grew up. Although in Wales, it would have been raining for three weeks straight.

Two Ravens
Ravens, and the invisible mountain in the rain.

In the garden, the Apache Plume plant is bedraggled looking. However, the raindrops hang suspended like tiny jewels. Click here to see a picture of an apache plume plant growing from a rock in Plaza Blanca.

Apache Plume
Apache Plume.

Lastly, I wanted to add two bonus images from the High Raod to Taos. I often photograph throughout the day, well past the magic hours. The shadows in this image aren’t there any earlier. I find lots of subjects deserving almost any time of day.

Saint Francis Mission Church
Saint Francis Mission Church, Ranchos de Taos, NM

In this image of the big doors at the mission church San José de Gracia de Las Trampas, I lay on my back and took two photos. I stitched them together to create this different composition. Visiting places as often as I do, I like to inspire myself to find new and different angles. That’s the beauty of being able to make return trips to become familiar with the locations.

San Jose de Gracia de Las Trampas
Under the big doors at San José de Gracia de las Trampas, NM.

If you are inclined to travel this summer, join me here in northern New Mexico for a private one-on-one photography tour/workshop. I’ll look forward to seeing you.

As always thank you for looking. Enjoy the weather where you are. I’m going for a walk in the rain. G

Northern New Mexico, Evening Sky

Northern New Mexico, one epic evening sky. In celebration of my fifteen year anniversary of posting one photo every day since September 9, 2005. I started my website with a rainbow so I thought I post a rainbow, with walking rain (virga) followed literally by the most amazing sunset a few days ago. Today we have snow and cold temperatures, so I stayed in all day. My website is my visual journal, I visit often. Thank you for joining me all these years. Onward! G

Northern New Mexico

Northern New Mexico sunset

Fallen Leaf, Color On The Stoop

Fallen leaf, color on the stoop. Nice big thunderstorms this afternoon with a good amount of rain, sweet, ground cooling water. Sitting by the window, the cool moist air through the screen is very refreshing. Think I’ll stay here awhile. Thanks for looking. G

Fallen Leaf, Color On The Stoop

Rainbow Rain San Cristobal

Rainbow rain, San Cristobal. It was a true ground soaker day of rain yesterday. The sun vanished about 2pm and didn’t return until this moment around 8pm. The air and ground and grasses where pristine following the rain. My car is also nice and clean! Thanks for looking. G

Rainbow Rain San Cristobal

Valley Rainbow, San Cristobal

Valley Rainbow, San Cristobal Valley northern New Mexico. I walked out the door into the pasture and watched the rain and golden light traverse the valley under a forming double rainbow. If you’re interested, the pot of gold is under the San Cristobal post office on the right. Happy hunting, and thanks for looking. G

Valley Rainbow, San Cristobal

Columbine Hondo Wilderness Rainbow

Columbine Hondo Wilderness Rainbow. There was a moment this evening when I suspected a rainbow but we were also hoping for a significant, almost full, moon rise. So we made a drive into the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, under the waning light of a brooding New Mexico sky. There was a rainbow, it wasn’t huge, but on the drive through the Carson National Forest the landscape was beautiful and damp, the hills, for a moment reminded me of Wales. The rain diminished for a couple of hours since then. It’s back now, pounding on the steel roof and sparkling in the porch light. The air is fresh and a wonderful cool breeze is passing through the hallways in the house. I’m optimistic I’ll still see the moon. Thanks for looking. G

Columbine Hondo Wilderness Rainbow

Magic Sky Gallery, Ranchos de Taos

Magic Sky Gallery, Ranchos de Taos. Tin siding, closed for good, and for sale. On a High Road to Taos photo tour today we stopped by this building. The rain and overcast skies added to and emphasized, the colors of this iconic building in the St. Francis Church Plaza in Ranchos de Taos. Thanks for looking. G

Magic Sky Gallery, Ranchos de Taos

Reflection At The Saint Francis Church

Reflection at the Saint Francis Church … a fall morning after the rain. Got down on my knees and made this image shortly before the caretaker came along and swept up the puddles. Got to be the early bird to beat the caretaker. Thanks for looking. G


Lightning Strikes On The Mesa

Lightning strikes on the mesa west of Taos. This is an image of six lightning strikes in the same location and composited into one frame. I’m posting this to see if it inspires rain soon. I may post more monsoon images over the next few days. This is my version of a rain dance, far more acceptable to me than dancing on the deck chanting something to bring about rain… although I have been known to do that… after all, I do hail from a long line of Druids!

Lightning strikes on the mesa