Northern New Mexico, Evening Sky

Northern New Mexico, one epic evening sky. In celebration of my fifteen year anniversary of posting one photo every day since September 9, 2005. I started my website with a rainbow so I thought I post a rainbow, with walking rain (virga) followed literally by the most amazing sunset a few days ago. Today we have snow and cold temperatures, so I stayed in all day. My website is my visual journal, I visit often. Thank you for joining me all these years. Onward! G

Northern New Mexico

Northern New Mexico sunset

10 thoughts on “Northern New Mexico, Evening Sky

  1. Definitely an amazing sky x two . Congratulations for your 15 years I am but a newcomer but look forward to new views each day. Thankyou

  2. Hey Geraint…Jo & I were having dinner on the patio when those Virgas came through (Sunday night?)…dinner got cold as we both grabbed our cameras & did our best to catch the moment – we didn’t have the good fortune of rainbows from our perspective but it was a spectacular 30 minutes of oohs & aahs…..thanks for all the images these last 15 years!!!

    1. I think it was the most fantastic spectacle of natures best judging by the posts I saw. I’m so glad to hear you saw it and marveled at it. Photos don’t really do it justice. I didn’t eat or drink that evening, but I was very tipsy. Thanks John, to you and Jo for joining me all these years. G

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