Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Red

Red Wheelbarrow, Surprise, Snow, San Cristobal, NM

Red Wheelbarrow with a surprise in the snow, San Cristobal, New Mexico. I like to wander early in the morning, well not too early, in the garden. This little surprise was waiting to be discovered in Pami’s red wheelbarrow after the last snow. So…, something red for the holidays. Thanks for looking. G


Poppy, In The Garden, San Cristobal

Poppy, in the garden, San Cristobal, and although they don’t last long, this is one of four and being the approximate size of a dinner plate, put on a marvelous display. With the winds we’ve had today the ground should be well and truly seeded. Thanks for looking. G

Poppy, in the garden, San Cristobal,

Red Vine, Downtown Santa Fe

Red Vine, wall creeper in downtown Santa Fe New Mexico. Fall colors are finally showing up everywhere. I hope you can get out and enjoy the fall in your area. If you are so inclined to join me on a photo tour I’ll be glad to show you fall colors in New Mexico. I still have a few days open in October. Thanks for looking. G

Red Vine, Downtown Santa Fe

Red, Shadows, St. Francis Church

Red, Shadows, St. Francis Church. A lady in red leaving church in the shade of the morning shadow from the bell tower. The things and sites we see on a photo tour around Taos, the Gorge and beyond. Thanks for looking. G

Red, Shadows, St. Francis Church.

Red Yellow, Trinidad, Colorado

Red, yellow, downtown Trinidad, Colorado. Made a trip around the block, a long block, a three hundred mile block! Stopped into the town of Trinidad and made a few images of the local “decor”. It would be easy to fill a few memory cards of images here with all the primary colors including plenty of red and yellow. Thanks for looking. G

Red Yellow, Trinidad, Colorado