Photography Tour/Workshop | The Rio Grande Gorge and Beyond

Rio Grande Gorge and Beyond Photography Tour/Workshop

On this tour we will visit the Rio Grande as it winds it's way through Orilla Verde National Recreation Area, a home to beaver,otter, blue heron and big horn sheep. Surrounded by majestic volcanic cliffs and overlooks, we will photograph petroglyphs, riparian habitat and views of the Rio Grande Canyon. This photo tour is also spectacular in winter time when the Rio Grande Gorge is at its most peaceful and wildlife more abundant.

Winter in the Rio Grande Gorge, Taos New Mexico

4 hour half day - $250 - per person.

8 hour day - $450 - per person. This time frame will include travel to chosen locations and shooting with hands on instruction as needed.

12 hour day - $695 per person. This time frame will include travel to chosen locations, shooting with hands on instruction as needed and staying out later for the moon rise or astrophotography, with time in the middle of the day for image review and processing, during lunch.

Year Round - Call 505-501-4880 to reserve a date that suits you for your own personal photo tour.

Rio Grande del Norte
Rio Grande del Norte

"River Otter have been reintroduced to the Rio Grande and its tributaries in the last few years. Like the Beaver, Blue Heron and numerous species of waterfowl that live in and along the water, Otters coexist alongside fly-fishing enthusiasts, boaters and rafters. Families spending lazy days picnicking on the river banks and playing in the water often see Bighorn Sheep, the monarchs of the Gorge, patrolling the ramparts high above all the activities. As they graze on the sparse vegetation that grows in cracks and crevices high along the canyon walls, the Bighorns quickly blend into and become one with the vertical walls of rock. When startled, they move with sure-footed, nimble steps traversing rugged terrain with speed at which we humans can only marvel."

Excerpted from my book Rio Grande del Norte: An Intimate Portrait.

Bighorn Sheep Rio Grande Gorge
Bighorn Sheep Rio Grande Gorge

Topics covered:
Working on location
Compositions in landscape, architecture
Exposure, metering
Interpreting histogram
Auto settings verses manual
Depth of field, aperture
Shutter speed
Multiple image panoramas
Image reviews, constructive critiques
If there is any other an topic you want covered we will address it in the field, so bring along your questions and requests.

Equipment to bring:
Camera, batteries, spare batteries, camera cards, and spare camera cards. Supplies are few and far between once we are on location. Consider bringing the manual for your particular camera model, hardcopy or online version.

Optional Equipment:
Tripod - Essential for some trips (I have a tripod for those who want to travel lite)
Laptop or Tablet - For image review
Filters - Polarizer, Neutral Density - Essential for some trips

Additional Notes:
Bring hats, gloves, sunscreen, hand warmers (spring, fall and winter), sturdy shoes and refillable water bottles.

Pick up points for tours are at your Taos, NM hotel, B&B, VRBO, Airbnb, your local residence or a location in the Taos area that is convenient for you. Meeting points for locations outside of Taos can be arranged when reservations are made.

Rio Grande Gorge And Beyond Photo Tour