Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Highway Across The Plateau

Highway Across The Plateau
Sometimes I just have to get out of the car and make an image of the highway ahead … where I’m going.

The Tree On The Road Home

Sometimes the image is about what I drive by on my way home. The subject captivated me … it has done so since 2006 when I made some images of this tree … I pulled over this time to explore the scene. I liked the simplicity of the tree illuminated by a shaft of light with a stroke of light on the foreground grasses. Within half a minute of this image the light was gone. Upon reflection, it was a moment of splendid respite, for me to pause and take in the nature around me as I headed home.

Hawk Nest And Ute Mountain

After numerous years, the tree and Swainson’s Hawk’s nest near Ute Mountain on the plateau has finally succumbed to the elements. The nest, were it not for the fact that it is now three feet above the ground and within reach of predators, would have lasted for many more generations of raptors. The structure of the nest is bound together with an armature of barbed and bailing wire. I expect to see the tree disintegrate around it while the nest remains a reminder of what once was.

Three Peaks Ranch

When the full “Super Moon” was rising last week over the Sangre de Cristos, this scene was at my back. Always remembering to look behind me it felt like I’d gotten a bonus.

Garcia Park, New Mexico

Garcia Park. Making images in the aspens during their peak in Garcia Park, northern New Mexico. Almost a pilgrimage every year, in the fall, for the past 30 years. Here’s an image from a few days ago in another area of aspens with a few leaves hanging in there! This area is a prime location for a fall photo tour of private photography workshop.

Garcia Park, New Mexico, making images in the aspens.


Road Less Traveled

“Road Less Traveled” across the Taos volcanic plateau, enlivened with the added splendor of walking rain, Virga, a mass of streaks of rain appearing to hang under a cloud and evaporating before reaching the ground.

The Road Less Traveled across the plateau

Stand Of Aspens Cumbres Pass

The Stand of aspens on the slopes of the Cumbres Pass on the Colorado New Mexico border. At first thought they appear almost afraid to stand alone, gathered in a huddled like posture, creating the feeling of strength in numbers.  A subsequent thought occurred to me; what a ‘content’ little grouping of trees! Cheers. G

The Stand of aspens, cumbres pass new mexico