Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Aspen Road, Mountains, New Mexico


Aspen road, in the mountains of northern New Mexico. The aspens around Taos are in all shades from green and in some cases yellow and gold. Farther north in southern Colorado, at ten thousand feet, things are advancing fast. It is great to smell autumn in the air with moisture and cooler temperatures. Enjoy your autumnal equinox (7:31am MST) this morning and the rest of your fall. Thanks for looking. G

Aspen road, in the mountains of northern New Mexico

Ute Mountain Road, Northern New Mexico


Ute Mountain Road, Northern New Mexico. I pulled over here a couple of evenings ago for a cup of tea and to watch the rain move through the area after a day on the road photographing around northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. It was a beautiful day that ended nicely. Thanks to my friend Larry and thank you for looking. G

Ute Mountain Road, Northern New Mexico.

Highway 285, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico


Highway 285, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico. Road trips are the norm here and there’s plenty of empty roads out west in “normal” times. This trip was no different. Probably a few cars at the most. How many is a few? …five! It wasn’t too difficult to get a shot with no cars on the highway on this beautiful day with a clear sky and view. Thanks for looking. G

Highway 285, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico.

Avenue, Trees, Mirrored, Ranchos De Taos


Avenue, trees, mirrored, Ranchos De Taos. More play with older images. This one at a B and B south of Taos. When I pick up photographers and friends visiting New Mexico, I often snap a few images, while I’m waiting or on the enroute. Again I’m playing around with another app and preoccupying myself, at least for part of the day. Thanks for looking. G

Avenue, trees, mirrored, Ranchos De Taos.

Road G, Southern Colorado


Road G, in Southern Colorado. One of my favorite roads, not only as it’s my initial ‘G’, but because it was the road that carried me to the San Luis Valley for the first time in 1990. From Wild Horse Mesa in the east, I could look southwest to Ute Mountain, west to the Rio Grande and north through the valley to the 14,000 foot snowy peaks. And beyond, as far as the eyes could see! My parents were with me on that first trip. Every time I head into this area I carry a little part of them with me on my initial road! Thanks for looking. G

Road G, in Southern Colorado.

Cave View, New Mexico Back Country


Yesterday, Pami, myself and friends, Chris and Carla, made a trip to beyond, the back of beyond. We have future plans for more trips back, to the back of beyond. Much of the trip was spent driving Arroyo del Cobre, north of Abiquiu, NM. The arroyo narrowed considerably, until, what can marginally be called a road clambered out of it to a bench. After more sandy driving and choking dust we arrived at an artesian spring in a boggy meadow. Later, we visited an ancient petrified river bed and this shady ledge with a cave, probably dug many years ago by a prospector. There are camps and hunting grounds of indigenous peoples, strewn with artifacts, in this land of red rocks. These days, hundreds of bonsai junipers and tranquility abide. Chris said “we are geological time travelers”.  Thanks, Chris and Carla for being our guides. Thanks everyone for looking. G

Cave view, New Mexico back country


New Mexico True, back country


Artesian Spring


Petrified river bed


Petrified river bed


Bonsai Juniper


Roads, Southwest Style, Traffic Jam


Roads, southwest style, traffic jam. This area was predominantly sheep ranching years ago. Shepherds would take their flocks from New Mexico, north to the rail heads in southern Colorado. This was a small group of about five hundred head of sheep. The truck had to wait about twenty minutes until they were past. Thanks for looking. G

Roads, southwest style, traffic jam. This area was sheep ranching