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Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour

Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour. We were inspired today by our Navajo guide, Ben, on our tour in Canyon de Chelly, to Spider Rock. The changes in light, shapes and form in the canyon, and Ben’s expert guiding made us want to jump out at every opportunity. Ourselves, having been inspired by Edward S. Curtiss for many years, we wanted to see the location of his famed Canyon de Chelly image of riders on horseback. Today the valley floor is filled with large cottonwood trees, invasive Tamarisk and Russian Olive trees, and although the rock faces are still discernible, the view has changed and is almost unrecognizable otherwise. This view above is the closest I came, to the indescribable vastness and enchanting beauty of Canyon de Chelly. Thanks for looking. G

Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour

Sangre de Cristo Moon Rise, Northern New Mexico

Sangre de Cristo moon rise, northern New Mexico over Virsylvia Peak and Questa Dome. Looks like a grinning dinosaur to me, looking over it’s shoulder. I made this image last week but didn’t think much of it at first until, upon review, I saw the T-Rex outline in the rocks. I drive by this all the time on my way to Colorado. This is the first time I’ve see any form to this rock dome. Timing is everything. Thanks for looking. G

Sangre de Cristo Moon Rise, Northern New Mexico

Igneous Forms On The Plateau

Igneous rock forms on the Rio Grande Gorge rim. Any day, and any number of diversions in the arroyos and petacas, reveal geological wonders. A slow meander over prehistoric stepping stones; ancient causeways, where water worn rocks abound. We are not the first, next or last to pass this way. Thanks for looking. G

Igneous rock forms

The Rocks, The Gorge, The Mountains

The Rocks, The Gorge, The Mountains. I popped the camera into the hole in the rocks. I know this location well and loved what I saw this time where the rocks focused my attention on the closest foreground subject framing the canyon of the Rio Grande to the foothills of the Sangre de Cristos beyond. The view through the rocks, across the Rio Grande Gorge to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains beyond. Thanks for looking. G

The Rocks, The Gorge, The Mountains

Bighorn Sheep Rio Grande Gorge

Bighorn Sheep in the Rio Grande Gorge. Bighorn juveniles testing their mettle on the rocks in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. Thanks for looking. G


Granite Fall Color, Taos Ski Valley

Granite Fall Color. While the aspens and cottonwoods in the high country and Taos Valley are only hinting at fall, the more intimate locations like this crevice in the granite, on the road to Taos Ski Valley, were showing more signs of color and what’s to come. Thanks for looking. G


Red Rock

The rock is only a quarter of an inch. The red on the grey caught my eye. I made five images. Each time, by rotating or moving the camera in closer, I eliminated extraneous, peripheral, clutter which was ok in a wider composition but didn’t add anything to the final image I had in mind. A tiny red rock lodged in a crack, a temporary resting place in the continuing erosion of the badlands in the desert southwest.

Ah-shi-sle-pah Badlands, NM

Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Study Area
On a two day photo safari photographing winter scenes in the Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Study Area near Chaco Canyon.