Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour

Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour. We were inspired today by our Navajo guide, Ben, on our tour in Canyon de Chelly, to Spider Rock. The changes in light, shapes and form in the canyon, and Ben’s expert guiding made us want to jump out at every opportunity. Ourselves, having been inspired by Edward S. Curtiss for many years, we wanted to see the location of his famed Canyon de Chelly image of riders on horseback. Today the valley floor is filled with large cottonwood trees, invasive Tamarisk and Russian Olive trees, and although the rock faces are still discernible, the view has changed and is almost unrecognizable otherwise. This view above is the closest I came, to the indescribable vastness and enchanting beauty of Canyon de Chelly. Thanks for looking. G

Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour

4 thoughts on “Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour

    1. Hi Rob. We were sad to see the overgrowth of invasive species. We could see the rock formations where Curtiss made his iconic image. When we rounded the bend this view presented itself and we all said “looks like Edward Curtiss” Thanks Rob. G

    1. Canyon de Chelly is one of my most favorite places in the Southwest. Thank you Sue. I hope you are well and making images. G

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