Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Things I’ve seen and done in the last couple of weeks.

San Antonio Mountain clouds

I’m continually reviewing images from previous weeks and months. The following images are from the last couple of weeks. Some from the front field and some from trips out in the greater field. I’ve also included an image of my daughter pulled from way back in 2004 that I’ve re-worked for printing. And lastly, a little something from 2005 for this weekend’s happy hearts day.

I begin with the most recent from yesterday morning with this month’s waning moon rising over Taos Mountain.

Crescent moon rise over Taos Mountain
Crescent moon with earth shine rising over Taos Mountain from the field at our home in San Cristobal.

Crescent moon rise over Taos Mountain
Crescent moon rising over Taos Mountain with a few crows in San Cristobal.

The following are a couple of images from a drive Pami and I did into the San Luis Valley the last time it snowed.

Snow field furrows Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Colorado
Snow filled field furrows with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, taken near Jaroso, Colorado.

San Antonio Mountain clouds
San Antonio Mountain clouds and snowy road in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Last week Chris Ferguson and I drove south to Carson, NM for a photoshoot on the Rio Grande Gorge Rim. We had some beautiful winter sunlight in the late afternoon to create another set of old west inspired images. Stay tuned for a few more from the last couple of these commercial shoots I’ve collaborated on with Chris, at Tres Estrellas.

Tres Estrellas photo shoot
Chris from Tres Estrellas. Photo shoot on the Rio Grande Gorge Rim, Carson New Mexico.

A rather dense sunset last week on the way home from the Cellar, our local bottle shop. Not the color of fine red wine as is often the case with the Sangre de Cristos. Despite the heaviness, this sunset got a lot of attention from locals judging by the number of posts on Facebook.

Vallecito Mountain sunset
Sunset, Vallecito Mountain, in the Sangre de Cristos.

My daughter, taken back in fall 2004 in Taos, New Mexico. If she could get into or under anything she would. I reworked this image in order to make a print I’ve wanted to hang.

Leaf Girl
“Leaf Girl” my daughter under a pile of leaves, fall 2004, Taos, NM.

And lastly, something appropriate for this weekend. Fly me to the moon in a valentine balloon.

Valentine balloon moon
Valentine Balloon, Moon.

As always, thank you for looking.


Taos Plateau Volcanic Field, Northern New Mexico


Taos Plateau Volcanic Field, moon setting, northern New Mexico. From left to right, Cerro Chiflo, Cerro de la Olla, Ute Mountain, San Antonio Mountain. The road heads west across the plateau, over the Rio Grande, with the waxing moon, and beyond into the sunset. Thanks for looking. G

Taos Plateau Volcanic Field, Northern New Mexico

San Antonio Mountain, New Mexico


San Antonio Mountain, New Mexico with center pivot irrigation system, arching over the mountain. When I saw this scene I had a notion that I might be able to line the two up. I positioned my self and waited for the water stream to recycle. I was lucky that San Antonio Mountain (an extinct volcano, reputed the be the largest free standing mountain in the continental US) remained in the sunlight. Thanks for looking and for joining me in the moment. G

San Antonio Mountain, New Mexico

Highway 522, Northern New Mexico


Highway 522, northern New Mexico. Can’t beat the ride home with epic views and skies. On a clear day we can see the snow covered, fourteen thousand foot peaks of southern Colorado. The mountain ahead, is San Antonio Mountain, an extinct volcano and largest free standing mountain in the lower 48 states, not a part of any mountain chain, at least that’s what I’ve be told. I like being able to look out and see forever. There’s a song title there, I think you know it. Thanks for looking. G

Highway 522, northern New Mexico.

Worlds Meet, Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad


Worlds meet along the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, Antonito, Colorado. That’s San Antonio Mountain (largest free standing mountain in lower 48) and the area’s cell phone tower. Old and new (coexist at best) in the southern San Luis Valley. Hey Andy Wilson. remember this? Thanks for looking. G

Worlds meet on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

Blanket Flowers, San Antonio Mountain


Blanket flowers, San Antonio Mountain. These blanket flowers are growing beautifully wild in view from the car along highway 285 at San Antonio Mountain. They are easy to spot as we drive past, glowing, all happy looking in the morning light. Incidentally, San Antonio Mountain is reputed to be the largest free standing (not attached to any mountain range) mountain in the 48 States. Thanks for looking. G

Blanket Flowers, San Antonio Mountain

San Antonio Mountain Cloud


San Antonio Mountain with a cloud, on the New Mexico, Colorado state line. We were heading north for a short evening drive. This cloud was coursing over the volcanic plateau, keeping up with my driving. When the cloud was positioned directly over San Antonio Mountain I pulled over and made this image. This mountain is an extinct volcano and is the largest free standing mountain in the 48 states. The plateau is dotted with many old volcanoes, and lava cones. This area is a beautiful part of our state with great subject matter for photography. It is featured on my San Luis Valley photo tours. Thanks for looking. G

San Antonio Mountain Cloud