Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Shadows

Taos Mountain Cloud and Shadow

Taos Mountain cloud, sage and my shadow. I do like to include my self sometimes, not only for scale or because I’m in the way of the setting sun, but to remind myself how it felt standing there being a part of it all. Thanks for looking. G

Taos Mountain cloud and sage

Good Morning Pigeon

Morning Pigeon, trucking along in the shadows at the Palace of the Governors on Santa Fe Plaza, brought to mind piano keys and I could almost hear it playing music playing.


Window and Buttress

Window and Buttress, Taos, NM. Driving, walking, often times not really looking then something catches ones eye. This plain image of blue window trim against the stark grey (brown coat) wall, struck a cord in its simplicity. Thanks for looking. G

window buttress

Pueblo Bonito Kiva, Chaco Canyon

chaco canyon kiva
It was so quiet in Chaco Canyon at Pueblo Bonito. There are sounds and echos which may be interrupted by the wind or ghosts moving through the ruins or it could have been the sound of me waving, traveling around the walls of the great kiva. Thanks for looking.

The Geometry Of Chaco Canyon

Getting close to some form of solstice alignment in Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Windows, doorways and roofless walls. Thanks for looking. G


Canyon Walls

There are a number of vista points on the Rio Grande Gorge rim from which to view the river and to watch the shadows, cast from the opposite rim, silently descend or ascend the respective canyon wall. The river reflects the colors of the sky.

Shadows at the St. Francis Church

photographers shadows at the st francis church ranchos de taos
Waiting and watching, a photographer susses out a potential image as the shadow of the belfry cross, silently traverses the vestry wall at the St. Francis de Asis Church, Ranchos de Taos.

65 MPH Rainbow, San Luis Valley

65 mph rainbow … driving home through the San Luis Valley, Colorado. We were in the rainbow for a number of miles as the sun set. At some points along the way we could just make out our shadowy selves, under the rainbow, in the the cab of the truck.