Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

High Road To Taos, Las Trampas Church, Sky


High Road to Taos, Las Trampas Church, and sky. I spent some time yesterday processing a few more images from that day on the High Road last week. The fast-moving clouds were cooperating to the degree that, during a long exposure, they caused this zoom effect of the movement of the clouds over the front and rear of the church. I could have created the same effect in Photoshop® but as I said the clouds were cooperating so two minutes of exposure on each of the images gave me a nice in-camera image. Less time spent on the computer is a good thing. Thanks for looking. G

High Road to Taos, Las Trampas Church

High Road to Taos, Las Trampas Church, and sky.

Craters, Moon, San Cristobal, Sky


Craters of the Moon in a San Cristobal, early morning sky. I went out to photograph Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE this morning. I was up early but not early enough to get a good shot of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE). I could see it just fine, but the sky was too bright around it. So, I had a cup of tea and checked out the moon in the opposite part of the sky. I was transfixed observing her craters, my tea got cold. Slightly west of the la luna, Jupiter and it’s moons were equally mesmerizing. I’ll get up much earlier tomorrow and see what I can do with the comet. Never a wasted moment. Thanks for looking. G

Craters, Moon, San Cristobal, Sky

If you’re interested here are a few links to Comet PANSTARRS I photographed in March 2013 over a period of two weeks

American Creek, Moreno Valley, New Mexico


American Creek, in the Moreno Valley, northern New Mexico where the stars in the sky reach down below your feet. I created this composition to capture the feeling I get when standing in the vast wide open spaces in New Mexico. That was then. Now the few apps I use on my phone give me a virtual reality view of the sky dome above and below my feet and every which way I care to look. Thanks for looking. G

American Creek, in the Moreno Valley, northern New Mexico

Highway 522, Northern New Mexico


Highway 522, northern New Mexico. Can’t beat the ride home with epic views and skies. On a clear day we can see the snow covered, fourteen thousand foot peaks of southern Colorado. The mountain ahead, is San Antonio Mountain, an extinct volcano and largest free standing mountain in the lower 48 states, not a part of any mountain chain, at least that’s what I’ve be told. I like being able to look out and see forever. There’s a song title there, I think you know it. Thanks for looking. G

Highway 522, northern New Mexico.

Penitente Morada Sky, Abiquiu NM


Penitente Morada and sky, in Abiquiu NM. I never tire of this beautiful, iconic landmark and architectural gem in New Mexico. It sits perfectly on a bluff, above everything, overlooking Abiquiu and the Chama River Valley. I’ve found my peace in this location and many other locations like it in New Mexico. Here’s a photo I made on my first trip here in 1984. Thanks for looking. G

Penitente Morada Sky Abiquiu NM