Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Cornfield In The Shadow Of Taos Mountain

Remnants of a cornfield in the shadow of Taos Mountain. Springtime in the rockies reveals the remnants of past seasons overlaying the new, with a reminder that winter was in there somewhere as the transitory time of renewal.


Clouds Lifting On Taos Mountain

Clouds Lifting On Taos Mountain. The temperatures over the last few days in Taos and it’s environs have reached 72 degrees Fahrenheit, (22.2 degrees Celsius) with lots of sunshine. A big shift from a couple of weeks ago in the scene above. Thanks for looking. G


Tipi Dawn

Tipi dawn and mountain mists. Although native tribes around northern New Mexico and the Rio Grande live in pueblos, there are no shortage of scenes of tipis in the Taos area like this one. Thanks for looking. G

Tipi dawn Taos tipi at sunrise

A Big Sky Sunset

Big sky big sunset sky over the homestead and most of northern New Mexico yesterday evening…. and to think it’s all out the back door. Most of what I photograph is in my own back yard or in the vicinity there of. Thanks for looking. G


Lenticular Clouds

Lenticular Clouds. I made plenty of images of this scene yesterday evening from the garden. I liked the spectacular reds, oranges and yellows of course. However, I actually prefer this exposure after the sun went down, when the light levels were much lower, and the colors more subtle with soft lavender hues. Here’s and image I made on January 22nd 2015 in Pojoaque, NM

lenticular clouds from san cristobal new mexico