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Mexican Hat Rock, Southeast Utah

Mexican Hat Rock, on the San Juan River in Southeast Utah. I was feeling a little chilled today so I armchair traveled through Utah. When I landed on this picture I remembered and felt the warmth of that day last year. Thanks for looking. G

Mexican Hat Rock, Southeast Utah

Mexican Hat Rock, Southeast Utah

Mexican Hat Rock on the banks of the San Juan River, Southeast Utah. Revisiting a place I’ve been to many times. This trip was this week in May last year. Still armchair traveling around the southwest USA. Enjoy and thanks for looking. G

Mexican Hat, Southeast Utah

Bluff, Buick, Cow Canyon Trading Post, Utah

Bluff, Utah, Buick Super Eight at the Cow Canyon Trading Post. I’ll be heading out there again soon on a nine day photo trek. I feel sure this old Buick and twin rocks will still be there, I’ll lay odds on the Buick, but those rocks…? Bluff is great place to visit and stay, or stop for lunch on the road to Valley of the Gods, Mexican Hat and Monument Valley Tribal Park.  Stay tuned for photos. Thanks for looking. G

Buick Super Eight in Bluff, Utah.

Rust On Rust, Dodge Truck, Utah

Rust on rust, on more rust, on a Dodge truck in Bluff, Utah. I’ve made many trips to Bluff over the years. This rusting old Dodge truck has already outlived me. If my memory serves me right, it was there in 1986 on my first visit. This was in May, 2019 and it’s holding up well. Thanks for looking. G

Rust On Rust On Dodge Truck, Utah

Dodge Truck, Bluff, Utah

Dodge truck, “Job Rated” near Twin Rocks in Bluff, Utah. The rain can make the colors pop and they did on this old Dodge. Date anyone? On a photo tour around the Four Corners. It’s been a trip! Thanks for looking. G

Dodge Truck, Bluff, Utah

Yucca Plant, Monument Valley, Utah

Yucca plant, amidst a “forrest” of yuccas in Monument Valley, Utah. I’ve visited this most beautiful place a hundred times and it is always magical. I’m not an authority on the place but this is the first time I’ve seen so many yucca plants. Not only yuccas but so many other desert wildflowers are everywhere in this southwest super bloom year. Thanks for looking. G

Yucca plant, Monument Valley, Utah

Valley Of The Gods, Utah

Valley Of The Gods, in the Bears Ears National Monument, Utah. Go there if you get a chance. This image is from a few years ago. It still moves me to the point of distraction, and I madly want to be there. Thanks for looking. G

Valley Of The Gods, Utah
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Spring, Lime Creek, Valley Of The Gods, Utah

Spring cottonwood trees, in Lime Creek, Valley Of The Gods, Utah. I love the red rocks and lush foliage of the cottonwood trees. It was quite lush in most of the places we visited earlier this month in the four corners. Thanks for looking. G

Lime Creek, Valley Of The Gods, Utah

Five Day Photography Trip

Five day photography trip in Arizona, southeast Utah, northeastern New Mexico. We had a great week visiting Acoma, Canyon de Chelly, Valley of the Gods, Arches NP, Mesa Verde, Shiprock (pictured below) and Chaco Canyon.

Five Day Photography Trip