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Mexican Hat Rock, Southeast Utah

Mexican Hat Rock on the banks of the San Juan River, Southeast Utah. Revisiting a place I’ve been to many times. This trip was this week in May last year. Still armchair traveling around the southwest USA. Enjoy and thanks for looking. G

Mexican Hat, Southeast Utah

4 thoughts on “Mexican Hat Rock, Southeast Utah”

    • Brilliant combination of the deep Blue Sky, hovering Clouds, along with the Mexican Hat formation leering in the Background.
      Most Impressive- was this an area that was possibly used for the old Western Films from the past?

      • Good to hear from you Chip. I hope you are well. I have seen many movies filmed in this area. I’ve seen a few with this location. Can’t remember offhand which of them. If you get on Youtube and search for Mexican Hat, Valley of the Gods or Monument Valley, you will be delivered more search results than you probably have time to watch! Thanks Chip. G


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