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Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, March 30, 2022

Greetings on a beautiful spring day in Monument Valley.

Last week I stated that I would post a few more images from the Monument Valley road trip with my friend David. I hope I don’t overdo it!

We went there for the “shadow event” as it is called. In last week’s photo, I told you that it had fizzled out at the prime moment, even so, the light on the landscape was magnificent. In the first two images below you can see that we were not disappointed with the second evening’s opportunity.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park shadow event.
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park Shadow event.
Monument Valley, the “Mittens shadow event” at the prime moment.

Dedicating a longer length of time to one place, allowed us to explore the area more extensively. Keeping an eye on the weather (one can see the changes coming far off) we were able to make a judgment call and go to where we thought the results would pay off for a photograph.

This lineman in the next photo has the best view of any job I know of. If I were him, I wouldn’t get any work done. I’d be constantly looking around at the view, and possibly electricute myself in the process. That is why I do what I do and he does what he does.

A line man for the county
A county lineman with the best view!

The lineman’s view, notwithstanding, check out his (were he to glance over) and our view in the other direction, over my shoulder. The vista point was a short walk from a turnout on Highway 163. We passed through a stretch gate, up and over a slight rise for a view of one of my most favorite places on the planet. Over the years, I’ve made many camping trips to Valley of the Gods. My preferred campsite is way in the back of this image, where the rain is falling. There are canyons to hike that seem to go on for almost an eternity. It’s a very special place. Can you imagine the night sky from in there with no light polution?

Valley of the Gods, Utah
Valley of the Gods, Utah.
Valley of the Gods, Utah close up of rain storm
Valley of the Gods, a close-up of a fast-moving rainstorm.

From Valley of the Gods, we drove up the Moki Dugway. If you have a phobia of heights and sheer drops better give it a miss. From the top, we went west on a well-traveled dirt road to the edge of those mesas on the left in the photograph below. The view from the edge was quite amazing. In the second photo, I’m looking down to the San Juan River as it meanders through the goosenecks of the canyon and beyond to Navajo Mountain.

Muley Point and clouds from below in color.
Muley Point with clouds from below.
Navajo Mountain from Muley Point, Utah
San Juan River Goosenecks looking to the west and Navajo Mountain.

Back to Monument Valley, the point of the whole trip.

Tree with a view in Monument Valley
Tree and a view in Monument Valley.
A spectacular view in Monument Valley
Spectacular view in Monument Valley, sans the tree.

Just because it was there, I had fun lining up this shot of the Mittens with a random chair…

West and East Mittens framed
West and East Mittens are framed by a vendor’s tent structure.

…and this one!

West Mitten Framed
West Mitten is framed by a vendor’s tent structure.

One last look at the Monument Valley scenic drive from the iconic pair of rocks at the valley vista.

"The mittens", Monument Valley
“The Mittens”, Monument Valley, scenic drive.

Then it was on to Shiprock, known to the Navajo as Tsé Bitʼaʼí – Rock with Wings, and the road home.

Shiprock "Rock with Wings"
Shiprock, Tsé Bitʼaʼí (Rock with Wings), New Mexico.

Shiprock Tsé Bitʼaʼí (Rock with Wings) New Mexico
Shiprock, New Mexico.

Incidentally, this is how our trip began in the early hours of Tuesday Morning on Highway 64 west of Taos, New Mexico.

Highway 64, New Mexico
Driving in snow and ice on Highway 64, New Mexico

I hope you enjoyed the tour. If you get a chance to head out there, I highly recommend it. If you need a tour guide let me know. Prints are available of all these images. Send me and email if you are interested.

As always, thank you for looking. G

37 thoughts on “Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, March 30, 2022”

  1. Wow. Right place, right time.
    Some amazing images here.
    I hope I get to see a sky like this up in there someday.
    Cheers – Gary

    • I wish that for you. I find it’s hard to take a bad photo in this place no matter the weather. Have you been up that way? Thank you so much, Gary. G

      • Back in the ‘80s, I ran the San Juan a couple of times, and a couple floats down the San Juan. Always said that I’d head to Goulding’s and rent a room when a storm was clearing. You nailed this, and the shadow on the mittens was amazing.

        • I really appreciate you sharing your adventure and compliments. I have fallen in love with the place again like the first time I saw it. Thank you, Gary. G

  2. Geraint…..Listen (not that I am important to listen to), this is one of your most incredible posts of great photos of many of the great photos you’ve posted. Absolutely neat to see your ‘starting out’ photo and of course the great shadow shot. And I presume you are implying that the ‘Lineman shot’ wasn’t of a Wichita Lineman………Jay Schlegel. Wichita, Kansas

    • Thank you so much, Jay. I was inspired by the Witchita lineman song. I was singing it to myself when I took the photo, not out loud you understand! G

    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate that, Patricia. I enjoy your post I see on Facebook. You have a unique eye. I remember that from your trip here with me. G

  3. Hey Geraint….that is the most stunning series of photos I’ve ever seen in one group…OMG! Jo & I have traveled through that area but never spent time exploring – that will be rectified this year for sure. Thanks for the hard work & great eye….John

    • Oh my, I hope you get out there. I’m ready to go again and I just got back. Thank you so much, John. I really appreciate your kindness and compliments. I hope to see you soon. G

  4. I loved this tour! Wow. Your work is amazing. I miss New Mexico so much it hurts and your photos help fill the void. Thanks Geriant!

  5. Wow, Beautiful photos. Inspiring! I will have to make it a point to go there and explore. As always, thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much, Paul. That is a great compliment. I’m glad you like them. I hope we can get together for a day in the SLV this year. Do you have plans to head down this way? G


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