Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Kokopelli, Monument Valley

Kokopelli, Monument Valley. Stopped at one of the vendors and spotted this view through the rear of his stall where he sells his arts and crafts to the tourists. I have a whole photo essay and perhaps more than a lot to say reflecting on comments made to me by a number of the people we met in Monument Valley. Read more on Kokopelli here. Thanks for looking. G

Kokopelli, Monument Valley

Monument Valley, Arizona, Utah

Monument Valley, Arizona, Utah. A bit of a dusting at Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. On a private photo tour this week at some of the best locations in the southwest. Luxurious accommodations and the vista from my room at the “View Hotel” in the valley this evening. Thanks for looking. G

Monument Valley, Arizona, Utah.

White House Ruin, Canyon De Chelly, AZ

White House Ruin in Canyon De Chelly National Monument, Arizona. It was wonderful and cool standing in the shadows of the White House Ruin in Canyon de Chelly today. It’s obvious to see why the original inhabitants built the dwellings where they did. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Take a tour some day with the guides at Beauty Way Jeep Tours. They will share their stories and home with you. Thanks for looking. G

White House Ruin Canyon De Chelly

Acoma Pueblo Blue And Gold

Acoma Pueblo blue and gold building. The sunlight reflecting off the buildings on the opposite side of the street illuminates those in the shadows. The gold of the southwest is the light. Thanks for looking. G

Acoma Pueblo Blue And Gold

Between Rooms, Chaco Canyon, NM

Between rooms in Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico. The light was glowing today at Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon as we wound or way through southwest history, banging our heads on the ancient beams, accompanied by the silence and intermittent gusts of wind that embellished the mystery in the homes and ceremony chambers of the Anasazi.