Lake Powell, Page, Arizona, Sunset

Lake Powell, Page, Arizona sunset. Back there, ever present is the Navajo Generating Station (updated the plant is now closed). Over the years I’ve documented many scenes, such as this, in the southwest landscape. Here’s the shot I posted last year. In this photo the bath tub ring is very prominent around Lake Powell and on some days the air quality was atrocious. In this case you can see the beautiful setting on a cleaner air day and the approaching sunset. Thanks for looking. G

Lake Powell, Page, Arizona sunset.

Conversation, Monument Valley, 1987

Conversation in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona 1987. Something fun in the form of a flashback, to one of many trips made with four friends over the years. Each year, in spring, the five of us could be found on the road traveling around the American southwest. Photography happened, with hundreds of images shot on film Southwest and yes there were some keepers made of the amazing landscapes we encountered. Mostly the ten days were filled with a lot of fun and camaraderie, forging long lasting friendships. We also recycled many garbage bags full of cans and bottles! The view of the southwest from the open bed of a pickup truck was an immersive way to travel before it became illegal facing where we’d been rather than looking forward to where we were heading. Thanks for looking. G

Conversation in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona

White Pocket Rocks, Arizona

White Pocket Rocks, Arizona. White Pocket is located in the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. 30 to 40 miles on rocky and sandy roads keeps the number of people at a minimum. It still has an air of peaceful solitude. I was so overwhelmed by its beauty, I didn’t know which way to turn. Mostly I drank in the scene vowing to return soon. This scene is approximately 5 feet by 6 feet a macro of the larger landscape it makes up. Stay tuned for a larger view. Thanks for looking. G

White Pocket Rocks, Arizona

The Mittens, Merrick Butte, Car Headlights

The Mittens with Merrick Butte and car headlights. Monument Valley, Navajo country at night. Many aspects of the southwest are stunning. This scene, with headlights from a truck driven by a Monument Valley resident is encumbered by the light pollution from distant towns. Farmington NM, Bluff UT, Cortez CO and more illuminate the horizon. The bright foreground light is pollution from the hotel on the valley rim, formally occupied by a campground frequented by large groups of German tourists playing western movie tunes on boom boxes. Things change. Thanks for looking. G

The Mittens, Merrick Butte, Car Headlights

Kokopelli, Monument Valley

Kokopelli, Monument Valley. Stopped at one of the vendors and spotted this view through the rear of his stall where he sells his arts and crafts to the tourists. I have a whole photo essay and perhaps more than a lot to say reflecting on comments made to me by a number of the people we met in Monument Valley. Read more on Kokopelli here. Thanks for looking. G

Kokopelli, Monument Valley

White House Ruin, Canyon De Chelly, AZ

White House Ruin in Canyon De Chelly National Monument, Arizona. It was wonderful and cool standing in the shadows of the White House Ruin in Canyon de Chelly today. It’s obvious to see why the original inhabitants built the dwellings where they did. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Take a tour some day with the guides at Beauty Way Jeep Tours. They will share their stories and home with you. Thanks for looking. G

White House Ruin Canyon De Chelly

Between Rooms, Chaco Canyon, NM

Between rooms in Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico.
Between rooms in Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico. The light was glowing today at Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon as we wound or way through southwest history, banging our heads on the ancient beams, accompanied by the silence and intermittent gusts of wind that embellished the mystery in the homes and ceremony chambers of the Anasazi.