Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Steel

Wild Yarrow, Adobe, Corrugation, Mora, NM

Wild yarrow, adobe wall, window, and corrugation in Mora, New Mexico. All the elements that shout out loud, “New Mexico”. If you live here you know what I mean and if you don’t, I think you get my drift. Thanks for looking. G



Interstate 25, Diversions, New Mexico

Interstate 25, diversions, on frontage roads in New Mexico. We pulled off the Interstate onto frontage roads for access to icons from bygone days. This structure south of Raton, NM was surrounded by retired mobile homes. Nearby was a campground with a large mural of Guadalupe. I think the bars on these windows are more for decoration. The building itself looks like it could be opened with a can opener. Thanks for looking. G

Interstate 25, Sights, New Mexico

Lobatos Steel Bridge, Frozen Rio Grande, Colorado

Lobatos steel bridge (circa 1890), crossing the frozen Rio Grande in southern Colorado. It’s cold, infact freezing cold out here. So cold the Lobatos bridge is locked in ridged, eerie silence, by the ice. We are alone under the late afternoon sky. Solitude prevails on this day, nothing exists, just us and the cold. Thanks for looking. G

Lobatos steel bridge, crossing the frozen Rio Grande

Culvert, Adobe Shadows, San Cristobal

Culvert, with adobe shadows in the village of San Cristobal. Sometimes I take a walk through the village to pick up the mail and say “hello” to those I meet. I wave at a passing car and snap a few photos with the iPhone. I’ve been fascinated for some time with this culvert in the field of a neighbor. I’m sure the fascination with this scene will continue. Thanks for looking. G

Culvert, Adobe Shadows, San Cristobal

Lobatos Steel Bridge, Rio Grande Colorado

Lobatos steel bridge, crosses the Rio Grande in southern Colorado. On a full day photo adventure today crossing the Rio Grande, the river below us is solid ice. The road way on the bridge is ice, so we skated across it, holding on to the rails. Just kidding, but we had to be sure footed. Thanks for looking. G

Lobatos Steel Bridge, Rio Grande Colorado

Random Piece Of Culvert, San Cristobal Valley

A random piece of culvert in the San Cristobal Valley, looking suspiciously like a piece of field art. I admire it sitting there day in and day out, for a couple of years, still shiny and out of place. Scenes and subjects such as this get my attention and inspire me and really float my photographic boat.  Thanks for looking. G

Random Piece Of Culvert, San Cristobal Valley

A Simple Piece Of Abstraction

Abstraction in steel and glass, Alamosa, Colorado. Sometimes I point my camera at a scene I think I want … and as I look deeper in to the composition I develop a roving eye and ultimately delve deeper and deeper. What started out as an image of a broken piece of glass in a window became this scene. G


Railroad Spikes, Pins, Bolts And Clamps

A very large pile of railroad spikes, pins, bolts and clamps at the rail yards in Walsenburg, Colorado. It would make a nice jigsaw puzzle.



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