Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Lobatos Bridge, Rio Grande Crossing


Lobatos Bridge, spans the Rio Grande in southern Colorado. This was on my last photo tour, March 11, 2020. It was a beautiful day and a fitting end, for the time being, of what was ramping up to be a busy year for photo tour/workshops. I have wonderful clients and I’ve rescheduled a number of trips with other trips on hold. Pending the outcome of our current situation, I’ll be signing up trips again soon. If you’re considering a tour/workshop for 2021 please get in touch. In the meantime, I have books available, with many of the locations we visit included. Thanks, as always, for looking. G

Lobatos Bridge, spans the Rio Grande in southern Colorado.

Rio Grande, Lobatos Bridge, Southern Colorado


Rio Grande at the Lobatos bridge crossing in southern Colorado. I spent today with an enthusiastic, talented, and accomplished photographer. I’m honored that I get to share the sites and locations of this enchanted land with many visiting photographers in this place I call home. I love my job. Thanks for looking. G

Rio Grande, Lobatos Bridge, Southern Colorado

Lobatos Steel Bridge, Frozen Rio Grande, Colorado


Lobatos steel bridge (circa 1890), crossing the frozen Rio Grande in southern Colorado. It’s cold, infact freezing cold out here. So cold the Lobatos bridge is locked in ridged, eerie silence, by the ice. We are alone under the late afternoon sky. Solitude prevails on this day, nothing exists, just us and the cold. Thanks for looking. G

Lobatos steel bridge, crossing the frozen Rio Grande

Lobatos Bridge Crossing The Rio Grande


Lobatos Bridge shadows crossing the frozen solid Rio Grande in southern Colorado. The bridge is a favorite stopping point for making images looking upstream on the Rio Grande to the Blanca massif. The mountains are hidden in the clouds on this day. We made some shots of our shadows standing on the bridge instead. Down below in the snow drift on the ice we spotted elk and coyote tracks. Thanks for looking. G

Lobatos Bridge Crossing The Rio Grande

Storm Clouds Over The Rio Grande

cloud trees 7995 1

Storm clouds over the Rio Grande from the Lobatos Bridge, Colorado. It’s been dry for a long time, which made the sight of these heavy clouds very welcome. Behind us was another system and the two seemed destined to clash directly over head. Standing on an old steel bridge where the Rio Grande Gorge begins, with tripods, felt like we were tempting providence. We headed south in the opposite direction and avoided hail and a heavy dust storm. Thanks for looking. G

Storm Clouds Over The Rio Grande

Sign, Gun Shot To Bits, Colorado


Sign, gun shot to bits, Colorado. Just north of the border at the Lobatos bridge, on the Rio Grande, target practice at this location on these particular marker sings seem to be the norm. Perhaps this part of Colorado could be annexed as it’s generally a scene more reminiscent of New Mexico. Here’s an image “Shot full of holes”  from a 2013.  Thanks for looking. G

Sign Shot To Bits, Colorado

Rio Grande Tree, Southern Colorado


Rio Grande tree, southern Colorado. Slightly south of the Lobatos Bridge crossing the Rio Grande, is this old cottonwood tree, a sentinel, surrounded by exposed fractured basalt cliffs along the sides of the river where the gorge begins. The river is frozen in the shadows of the cliffs, though not yet frozen enough to skate or cross country ski on this year! Last week the ice on the embankments was constantly thunder cracking, echoing off the underside off the old steel girder bridge. Thanks for looking. G

Rio Grande tree southern colorado