Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Storms

San Cristobal Valley Rainbow

San Cristobal Valley Rainbow. Stepped out this evening and thought to myself about how far do I really need to go, from this place I call home, to find beauty? I think I will stay right here. Thanks for looking. G


Summer Storms, Northern New Mexico

Summer Storms in northern New Mexico. One column after another, the rain storms move across the plateau like lazy marching bands, slouching along, with very little purpose, meandering at will, and with no particular destination. As I watch I find my mood shifts and I join in the metaphoric march. Thanks for looking. G


Storms Across The Plateau

Storms Across The Plateau. Shafts of sunlight play tag with the shadows coursing across the northern New Mexico landscape. Thanks for looking. G

Storms across the Plateau

Ute Mountain Storm, Northern New Mexico

Ute Mountain storm, northern New Mexico. This lone mountain on the Taos Volcanic Plateau has it’s own weather systems and it is always fun to watch the storms move through. Thanks for looking. G

Ute Mountain storm

Lightning Strikes On The Mesa

Lightning strikes on the mesa west of Taos. This is an image of six lightning strikes in the same location and composited into one frame. I’m posting this to see if it inspires rain soon. I may post more monsoon images over the next few days. This is my version of a rain dance, far more acceptable to me than dancing on the deck chanting something to bring about rain… although I have been known to do that… after all, I do hail from a long line of Druids!

Lightning strikes on the mesa

Mountain Storms And Snow

Mountain storms and snow with heavy rains on the Mesa moved in thick and fast today. Tonight, the sky is clear and the almost full moon is shining like a spotlight.