4 thoughts on “Ute Mountain Storm, Northern New Mexico

  1. Thanks for all the images. Your work is a great inspiration. Have you considered making a YouTube series? I am a big fan of Thom Heaton and Jimmy McIntyre.


  2. I love this photo of Ute Peak! In 1982 my wife and 3 year old daughter were living in Sunshine Valley (about 8 miles north of Questa), 3 miles off the highway and 2 miles from the Rio Grande Gorge, about 5 miles south of Ute. We were living in a Waldorfian dance studio while my wife choreographed a piece for a benefit concert for Mother Theresa. The studio was a 5-sided edifice, with a full panoramic view of Ute Peak on three sides. It was in that studio that I recorded my live music album of improvised piano music called “Music for Air Signs”. This photo captures the mysterious and often-cloud-covered image of the ancient volcanic peak, which I used for inspiration while recording the album. Good memories.

    1. Thank you Rod. It was good to speak with you today and I’m honored to have one of my images grace your album cover. Cheers. G

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