Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Water

Rio Costilla Creek, New Mexico

Rio Costilla Creek, Rio Costilla Park, New Mexico. Had a fun time photographing along the Rio Costilla on a three day photo tour last week on our way through to the Valle Vidal. The river was running with gusto so we had lots of photo ops. I made this image on my iPhone. Thanks for looking. G

Rio Costilla Creek, New Mexico

Wookiees In The River Bank

“Wookiees”. Faces along the Rio Grande in the embankment. As the grasses and branches wilt and dip down into the winter water reflections abound, faces appear, on occasion maleficent looking, other times beneficent. I see what I see. What do you see? Thanks for looking. G

Wookiees In The River Bank

Snapshot From The Rio Pueblo Today

Snapshot on the iPhone, from the Rio Pueblo on a photo trip today. The Rio Pueblo canyon in northern NM with red willows and cascading water, near the confluence with the Rio Grande. Another beautiful day in this corner of paradise. Thanks for looking. G

Snapshot from the Rio Pueblo today. 

White Trees, Willows, A Riparian Habitat

White tree and willows, a riparian habitat in the Bosque del Apache, Socorro, NM. Riparian, I like that word. It inspires me and as such I like to look for these places around waters edge that hold a little mystery. I half expect that what ever inhabits these zones will pop out and surprise me. Sometimes they do, a duck, or heron, once a muskrat. Thanks for looking. G

White Tree And Willows, A Riparian Habitat

Early Morning In The Wetlands

Early morning in the wetlands, Baca Park, Taos, NM. First trip here in a few years. Things are looking pristine. After dropping the kids off at school I would often take a walk through the wetlands toting a 500mm lens on a monopod. This particular morning, last week, I visited with a friend and brought along one camera body and a fixed lens. The simplicity of things, in seemingly complicated times, shout out loud. Thanks for looking. G


Medano Creek Sunset Great Sand Dunes

Medano Creek sunset at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The last glow of sunlight on the sandy waves in the Medano Creek, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

Medano Creek Sunset Great Sand Dunes

Pivot Irrigator, Fort Garland, Colorado

Pivot Irrigator, Fort Garland, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. When driving around the west, on the lookout for jaw dropping scenes to photograph, and add to the portfolio, sometimes I stop for an image that just happens to be there. In fact, when I look back through the years I find that I stop for a lot of images that “just happen to be there.” Over all the miles I’ve traveled, these images fill in the blanks, and connect the dots on the map I’ve created over the years. Thanks for looking, G.


A Family Of Canada Geese

A family of Canada Geese paddling along in the morning sunshine reflecting in the waters of Monte Verde Lake, Angel Fire, New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G