Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

“Wookiees”. Faces along the Rio Grande in the embankment. As the grasses and branches wilt and dip down into the winter water reflections abound, faces appear, on occasion maleficent looking, other times beneficent. I see what I see. What do you see? Thanks for looking. G

Wookiees In The River Bank

4 thoughts on “Wookiees In The River Bank”

  1. It took me a long time to figure out the secret of this fascinating image. I was too busy counting the Wookiee faces to see the “big picture”.

    To me, it looks like a Totem Pole with some really frightening characters: gorilla, beaver (or squirrel), guinea pig, cow, teddy bear, mountain lion, crab, baby bear, human (with face paint), panda, and a mad rabbit.


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