Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Wild Flowers

Fireweed, Paradise Divide, Colorado

Fireweed plant in abundance on Paradise Divide, Colorado. Staying in virtual Colorado for a couple more days because I found some images I really like and why not stay awhile longer as it’s such a beautiful location. Here’s the scoop on fireweed. Stay tuned for another image from Colorado tomorrow. Thanks for looking. G

Fireweed plant in abundance on Paradise Divide, Colorado.

Sunflower, Bows Out For Season

Sunflower, bows out for the season. This portrait of a sunflower was made in a doorway, illuminated by sunlight, with a shadowed room as backdrop. Pine Siskins and American Goldfinches are in a feeding frenzy on these plants right now. I’ve made portraits of those birds on the sunflowers before. I thought it is time for a portrait of the source of food that sustains them. Thanks for looking. G

Sunflower, bows out for season.

Blanket Flowers, San Antonio Mountain

Blanket flowers, San Antonio Mountain. These blanket flowers are growing beautifully wild in view from the car along highway 285 at San Antonio Mountain. They are easy to spot as we drive past, glowing, all happy looking in the morning light. Incidentally, San Antonio Mountain is reputed to be the largest free standing (not attached to any mountain range) mountain in the 48 States. Thanks for looking. G

Blanket Flowers, San Antonio Mountain

Columbine, Waterfall, Taos Ski Valley

Columbine, waterfall, Taos Ski Valley. We made a trip to Taos Ski Valley today suspecting that the columbine would be blooming. They were, gorgeous and pristine. There were many other wild flowers, indian paintbrush, daisies, shooting stars, and lots of water in the Rio Hondo. Temperatures were 15 degrees cooler in the mountains. Nice. Thanks for looking. G

Columbine, Waterfall, Taos Ski Valley

Indian Paintbrush Valle Vidal

Indian Paintbrush and approaching storm in the Valle Vidal, NM. Got down on the ground for this one. The iPhone works well for that and reviewing images on the larger screen for composition and framing on photo tours. It has been a month of trips in the mountains where it has been so lush, green and sparkling with wildflowers. There are no signs of it changing soon. Want to go to the mountains? Thanks for looking. G

Indian Paintbrush in the Valle Vidal, NM.

Wild Iris, Northern New Mexico

Wild Iris, everywhere in northern New Mexico. It’s that time of year and the mountain meadows are full these gorgeous, delicate, wild iris blooms. If you get a chance to go to the mountains these will be a real treat for you to behold.  Thanks for looking. G

Wild Iris, Northern New Mexico