Columbine, Waterfall, Taos Ski Valley

Columbine, waterfall, Taos Ski Valley. We made a trip to Taos Ski Valley today suspecting that the columbine would be blooming. They were, gorgeous and pristine. There were many other wild flowers, indian paintbrush, daisies, shooting stars, and lots of water in the Rio Hondo. Temperatures were 15 degrees cooler in the mountains. Nice. Thanks for looking. G

Columbine, Waterfall, Taos Ski Valley

2 thoughts on “Columbine, Waterfall, Taos Ski Valley

  1. Lovely photo of what we call aqualegia or granny’s bonnet over here. They look so delicate in your photo.Mine stopped flowering ages ago but I look forward to them every spring. Thanks for the pure joy of seeing them again.

    1. They are one of my favorite flowers and the official flower of the state of Colorado. Much like the leek or daffodil. Thanks Elizabeth. G

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