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Fireweed, Paradise Divide, Colorado

Fireweed plant in abundance on Paradise Divide, Colorado. Staying in virtual Colorado for a couple more days because I found some images I really like and why not stay awhile longer as it’s such a beautiful location. Here’s the scoop on fireweed. Stay tuned for another image from Colorado tomorrow. Thanks for looking. G

Fireweed plant in abundance on Paradise Divide, Colorado.

10 thoughts on “Fireweed, Paradise Divide, Colorado”

  1. Funny thing is I first learned about Fireweed in Juneau, Alaska of all places. It’s where my dad was born and we took a family trip several years ago. Our family friend who we stayed with shared that as summer goes by, the fire weed blooms more and by the end of summer the top will bloom. I’ve heard it described as a summer clock.
    This plant always brings back good memories.
    Nice photo! Look forward to more pictures from Colorado! Hugs!! Susie

    • Hi Susie and thank you for sharing. The fireweed in a time lapse looks like it is on fire climbing up the stalk of each plant. I watched it for years on the hiking trails here and it acts the way you describe. Thanks Susie. I hope you’re well. G

  2. I like the slate wall and the conversation about “found” photographs versus the other kind. Therefore a next project for me is a large lichen decorated rock.

  3. What a jubilant display I shall call our rosebay willow fire weed from now on. Sadly we now have another taking over. Maybe Himalayan balsam looks pretty but spreads like wild fire.

    • There is so much fireweed this year although this photo is from another abundant year. It’s gorgeous to see whole hillsides covered in it. Thanks Alison. G


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