Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Muskrat, Shuree Ponds, Valle Vidal, NM


Muskrat at the Shuree Ponds, in the Valle Vidal, NM. One of the critters from yesterday’s list, masticates it’s meal of pond salad. There was ample opportunity for photographs and video as it made 5 trips to the bottom and back to the log. It was unperturbed by our presence and kept on about the business of eating. At first we thought it was a young beaver, until we saw it’s tail. It worked those claws with dexterity to perfection. Thanks for looking. G

Muskrat, Shuree Ponds, Valle Vidal, NM.


Muskrat at the Shuree Ponds, in the Valle Vidal, NM.

American Kestrel, Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico


American Kestrel, Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico. This beautiful creature embodies spirit. Fear? none of it, I’m sure. I’ve watched and photographed these birds for a couple of decades. I wish to return as a kestrel. Perhaps I already am, and Geraint is a figment of my imagination. Thanks for looking. Be tenacious, stay well and be safe. Thanks for looking. G

American Kestrel, Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico.

Roadside Lunch, Red-Tailed Hawk


Roadside lunch, Red-tailed Hawk in the Ranchos de Taos valley today. We whipped past this magnificent raptor catching a glimpse of it out of the car window. We wheeled around and pulled over to watch. Thinking it would take off, I got a couple of images in camera then realigned the car for a better angle. It had no thoughts of leaving the carcass. It just kept on tearing bits of flesh from the bones, leaving me with a number of images. As the hawk feasted on it’s lunch we sat in awe feasting on this sight. Thanks for looking. G

Roadside lunch, Red-tailed Hawk in the Ranchos valley.

Yellowstone Elk, Flashback 2005


Yellowstone Elk. Flashback to a trip in late September 2005 to Yellowstone National Park. I made numerous trips to Yellowstone when my children were perhaps too young to appreciate most of the reasons to go to Yellowstone. We all went anyway. In 2005 when they were older and I felt they would enjoy it more, I took them out of school and we went on a twelve day adventure. We travelled through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah, then back through northern New Mexico. We saw so much wildlife and birds, hugely varying landscapes, ancient ruins, dinosaur relics, and crossed many rivers and streams. I can only hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did, taking them there. I particularly like this image of an elk as it was the kids who did the wildlife spotting and I remember the moment when they called out this one. Thanks for looking and for indulging me a reflective moment. G

Yellowstone Elk, Flashback 2005

Young Bighorn Sheep Ram


Young Bighorn sheep ram. “I am outta here!” I saw him heading my way and barely had time to get a shot off. This image is documentary evidence of the carefree nature and agility of these creatures. And, as seen in the image I posted a couple of days ago, certain sure-footedness. Heading back to the gorge tomorrow to see what we find. Thanks for looking. G

Young Bighorn sheep ram.

Bighorn Sheep, Orilla Verde Recreation Area


Bighorn Sheep, in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. What a fantastic afternoon the the National Monument following a herd of bighorn rams. The double sun stars are created by a rocky protrusion, splitting the sun in two. The bighorn sheep are posing on the ledges that they use to traverse the cliff faces. I was able to line up all the elements to accent the precarious terrain they inhabit. Thanks for looking. G

Bighorn Sheep, Orilla Verde Recreation Area