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Yellowstone Elk, Flashback 2005

Yellowstone Elk. Flashback to a trip in late September 2005 to Yellowstone National Park. I made numerous trips to Yellowstone when my children were perhaps too young to appreciate most of the reasons to go to Yellowstone. We all went anyway. In 2005 when they were older and I felt they would enjoy it more, I took them out of school and we went on a twelve day adventure. We travelled through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah, then back through northern New Mexico. We saw so much wildlife and birds, hugely varying landscapes, ancient ruins, dinosaur relics, and crossed many rivers and streams. I can only hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did, taking them there. I particularly like this image of an elk as it was the kids who did the wildlife spotting and I remember the moment when they called out this one. Thanks for looking and for indulging me a reflective moment. G

Yellowstone Elk, Flashback 2005

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    • Gosh Gale … it made my day when I found this image. Thank you for spotting the essential elements in the image. I hope you are well. G


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