Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Plywood Art Everywhere

Plywood art on boarded up buildings everywhere. I am always able to find the positive in something such as the many old abandoned buildings covered in sheets of plywood, in towns deserted by more than half of the original population. Stay warm and thanks for looking. G

Plywood Art Everywhere


Plywood Art Everywhere

Estancia, New Mexico, Building Mural

In the town of Estancia, New Mexico, a mural and windows. Spent some time here last year and enjoyed the town of Estancia immensely. With no agenda, expectations or outcome in mind I had a lot of fun wandering aimlessly around making images of anything that caught my eye. Here’s one below. Here’s another, just around the corner. Thanks for looking. G

Estancia, New Mexico, Building Mural

Shutters On The Love Apple

Shutters on the Love Apple Restaurant, originally an old chapel in El Prado, north of Taos, NM. Thanks for looking. G

Love Apple Shutters

Inside, Outside, Holman, New Mexico

Inside, Outside. Presbyterian Mission Window, Holman, New Mexico. The view from inside looking out of the window in yesterdays image. Thanks for looking. G

Inside, Outside

Window, Holman Mission Church, New Mexico

Window, at the Presbyterian mission church in Holman, New Mexico. On a photo tour this weekend on the back roads here in northern NM. The last piece of glass. When I saw this instant composition, it was in the bag. Thanks for looking. G

Mission Window, Holman, New Mexico

Early Morning Shadows, Downtown Taos

Early morning shadows on the adobe buildings in downtown Taos, accented with the ubiquitous blue trimmed window. Nothing like adobe buildings in the early morning, high desert light, to inspire an image. Thanks for looking. G

Morning Shadows, Downtown Taos

High Road To Taos Homestead

High road to Taos homestead. Sometimes it’s just about something tickling the funny bone, like this house for example. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Are windows the eyes to the heart of the home? This house appears to be peeking out through a mask back at us! Thanks for looking. G

High road to Taos homestead

Window Dressing, Farmington, NM

Window dressing, Farmington, NM. Sometimes it’s for the fun of it. Bobbing smiley faces traversing a window in Farmington. Many photo ops of fun things in this northeastern New Mexico city. Thanks for looking. G


Tucumcari Windows, A Photography Adventure

Tucumcari Windows. Tucumcari, NM. On the road this last spring, my friend and photographer, Ron Richardson and I hit the road for a week in northeastern and central New Mexico to see what we could find. Well, there were more photo opportunities than we could ever imagine. Here is one of the places in Tucumcari we visited, which after we discovered it, we could hardly prevent the creating process from snowballing along. I have five or six dozen compositions and angles from this one location. I particularly like this one, with the balance of three windows and three buttresses; I like how the handrail creates a diagonal intersect in the scene. The window in the center with the broken pane, features prominently in other images I made that day. In this photograph the broken pane is a surprise, revealing the interior view of the far side window. One of the things that impressed me most about the cities, towns and villages we traveled to, is just how amazingly thriving they must have been in their heyday. I think I can take the liberty to speak for both Ron and myself, when I say, that the places we visited on this week long photography adventure were one of many heydays! Thanks for looking. G


Wall Patina, Window Reflections

Wall patina, window reflections. When you see it you just have to make an image of it. It seems to be a work in progress, which might be finished on my next visit, or not! Thanks for looking. G