Interstate 25, Diversions, New Mexico

Interstate 25, diversions, on frontage roads in New Mexico. We pulled off the Interstate onto frontage roads for access to icons from bygone days. This structure south of Raton, NM was surrounded by retired mobile homes. Nearby was a campground with a large mural of Guadalupe. I think the bars on these windows are more for decoration. The building itself looks like it could be opened with a can opener. Thanks for looking. G

Interstate 25, Sights, New Mexico

Las Vegas, NM, Veiled Reflections

Las Vegas, NM, veiled reflections. There are photo opportunities galore on a morning walk around Las Vegas. Random vignettes, abstracts and street scenes await. The past also awaits, and if you go there, you’ll step right into it. Check out the Plaza Hotel and on the far end of town the newly renovated Hotel Castenada. In between a multitude of buildings, many on the National Register of Historic Places. Thanks for looking. G

Las Vegas NM, Veiled Reflections

Estancia, New Mexico, Building Mural

In the town of Estancia, New Mexico, a mural and windows. Spent some time here last year and enjoyed the town of Estancia immensely. With no agenda, expectations or outcome in mind I had a lot of fun wandering aimlessly around making images of anything that caught my eye. Here’s one below. Here’s another, just around the corner. Thanks for looking. G

Estancia, New Mexico, Building Mural